The Minimalists Are on a National Tour To Help You Purge Your Stuff

published Oct 10, 2017
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The Minimalists didn’t invent decluttering, but they sure are spreading the message. The popular duo are currently on a nationwide tour to help people purge themselves of stuff and the emotional baggage that goes along with it.

Today, The Cut has an in depth feature on the Ohio bloggers, as well as the stories of people whom they have helped.

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus have been spreading the word of Minimalism since 2010 through their popular blog, podcast, and their Netflix documentary, simply titled Minimalism, that hit the streaming service back in December. Before giving it all up, they rose to top sales positions with “the six-figure salary, the luxury cars, the designer clothes, the big suburban house with more toilets than people,” Millburn tells The Cut.

But they also battled with addiction and debt, and just like the people who flock to their message, found freedom from the traditional American Dream in letting go of things. And they’ve come up with some rules to help people achieve it, like the 10/10 rule that helps you let go of attachment to things, and the 90/90 rule, which has you asking whether you’ve used something in the last 90 days, or in 90 days from now.

One of their more extreme tips is called a packing party: You pack all your stuff into boxes and only take something out when you actually need it. After a few weeks, you get rid of anything still packed up.

And of course, it’s not just about the stuff, as The Cut writes:

People often turn to [minimalism] as a response to difficult experiences or anxiety in their lives, whether it’s mental illness, overwhelming debt, or job change. Minimalism prompts you to restart from zero: “It’s not only stuff; it’s your whole lifestyle,” says Pam Schley [a tour attendee].

The pair are currently on a national tour through December 9, with tickets still available for some cities.

Read more over on The Cut.

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