Found It! The New “It” Spot for TikTok’s Favorite Paint Trend

published May 21, 2022
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If you’ve been on interiors TikTok or if you’ve been scrolling through Apartment Therapy’s house tours recently, you’ve probably seen a lot of them: painted arches are still going strong in 2022, and this fresh take from Brooklyn studio dweller Aurora Lim is worth a callout.

Look closely, and you’ll notice the matte black arch accent in her kitchen is actually located on the back of a door.

Four reasons why the back of the door is perfect for a painted (or peel-and-stick) arch? First, it’ll make for a statement-making entrance or exit in your home. See blogger Wendy Lau’s seafoam statement below, for example.

Second, it’s a great way to get in on the arched door or doorway trend without having to do any construction in your place. Third, this paint or peel-and-stick treatment can breathe new life into a scuffed up or dated door.

And fourth (and most important for all the DIYers out there), a door frame or the door itself provides an easy template to work with if you’re worried about painting the perfect straight lines at the base of your arch.

Let the straight lines of the doorframe guide the sides, and then you’ll only have to worry about the small arch at the top. If you’re looking for an ultra renter-friendly, ultra-precise solution, consider creating the look with peel-and-stick. You can buy small pre-cut peel-and-stick arches for the top of your doorframe and cover the rest with matching, rectangular peel-and-stick. Voila! No perfect paintbrushing skills necessary.

Thanks for the arch-spiration, Aurora!