This Is the Simplest DIY Headboard for Instant Coziness in a Bedroom

published Dec 5, 2022
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Simon and Emma’s bold London home is swathed with rich colors, cozy elements, and original Victorian charm. While much can be said for their clever decorating choices, like a wall-mounted rug hung as artwork in their back lounge or the pink-on-pink monochromatic moment in the living room, one small detail in the bedroom particularly stood out to me: the headboard in their primary bedroom. Apartment Therapy has featured many a DIY headboard, like this recent one, which capitalizes on the squiggle trend, but creatives will always find a new way to put a spin on a familiar idea, and that’s the case here.

Among all the projects they’ve tackled, Simon and Emma count their headboard as one of their proudest DIYs, explaining that it’s just a wooden pole with two cushions attached by belts that sits behind a simple frameless Japanese-style bed. You’ve maybe seen a style like this before at Anthropologie or Burke Decor, but when you shop for a design like this at retail, you often have to purchase a bed with a built-in rail and then purchase the cushion separately, which can get pricey. DIYing will definitely save. you money here and allow you to customize the size of your headboard, too. “We wanted king size but standard beds we liked were all too big for the space,” says Emma. “Really pleased as we have a compact but generous bed that works well in the space.”

If you have a basic metal or simple wood bed frame you’re looking to spruce up, this would be a great way to add a hit of color, pattern, and comfort to your setup. It’d also work well in a dorm room in need of a personal touch or even as a cushion behind a kitchen banquette or hallway bench.

Interested in recreating this look yourself? You can start by mounting something more finished like this wooden curtain rod, or you can go the full DIY route by sourcing a wooden dowel from a hardware or lumber store, and mounting it on the wall with brackets like these. You could even opt for an acrylic dowel, if you’re going for a more modern, less traditional look. Then, you’ll want to source some pillows to act as the “upholstered” cushioning, such as yellow pillows like Simon and Emma went with or even something patterned like a gingham or floral set of pillows. Finally, you’ll fasten a set of two belts over the wooden dowel and to each pillow with a few stitches or a super-strong glue.