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The Sleek $59 Kitchen Upgrade I Wish I Had Made Years Ago

published Aug 1, 2022
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Credit: LifeStraw

As a native New Yorker, I was raised on some of the best tap water in the United States. I didn’t start using a water filter until I moved to Boston in my early 20s, at which point I realized I’d become a bit of a water snob. Even after moving back to New York I kept up the habit with a faucet filter, just to make sure my tap water tastes the way I like. But after five years, my old filter was in need of replacement, so I wanted to see what other (better?) options there are for a palate pleasing pour.

One that caught my eye was from LifeStraw (yes, they make the straws that let backpackers drink from streams). I was curious about its advanced filtration system and the quality of water it produced. It also helped that the Home Water Filter Pitcher‘s sleek design, made from handblown borosilicate glass, was, to put it simply, really pretty. But looks are only half of it!

Credit: LifeStraw

Reliability, sustainability, and taste

At $59 and with a seven-cup capacity, the LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitcher is a hard-working kitchen addition for any home. It’s the only water filter pitcher that removes over 30 contaminants, including bacteria, PFAS (“forever chemicals”), and microplastics, as well as heavy metals and chlorine. I’m just left with crisp, safe water I can honestly say is delicious.

Unlike the attachment I used to keep on my sink, my pitcher took almost no time to set up — I just filled and emptied it once to rinse the filter and it was ready to use. And one of the first things I noticed was how quickly the filter works. I’m trying to practice more patience, but waiting for a filter to do its thing when I have a 32-ounce water bottle to refill can get the best of me. Thankfully, the filter worked much quicker than I expected and it didn’t take long to fill up the pitcher back to back a few times and top off my bottle. And the more I use it, the filter time keeps getting shorter!

While the immediate benefits are clear — super comprehensive filter, simple setup, stylish glass construction — the thing that will keep me using the Home Water Filter Pitcher for a long time to come is the value. Every carbon filter lasts a full two months, and the membrane microfilter they attach to lasts an entire year. I no longer feel like I’m constantly ordering new filters, and to make things easy (and help you save), LifeStraw has a filter subscription that makes sure you’re always stocked.

Credit: LifeStraw

All-around kitchen helper

The other reason I know this addition will be part of my home for a while is that the glass model I got comes with a durable silicone base. I have a farmhouse sink and I’ve shattered too many glasses from hitting them against the sink too hard or even just putting them in at the wrong angle. Knowing my pitcher will last moves it up in my book more, especially since I’ve been keeping it out on my counter where other things may bump into it.

“Better drinking water is one of the easiest upgrades a kitchen can get, and one you’ll notice instantly. Everyone can appreciate having something that helps keep bottled water out of their home.”

Aside from just enjoying refreshing sips from my water bottle, I’ve done a few tests using water from my LifeStraw to make coffee. I drink my coffee black, so I notice any slight difference in taste, and both my hot and cold brews (I use a concentrate that gets diluted) were perfect. The filtered water actually elevated the taste of my hot coffee by helping some of its more subtle flavors stand out. This summer, I’m definitely looking forward to using my new-and-improved water in a cool batch of lemonade.

Better drinking water is one of the easiest upgrades a kitchen can get, and one you’ll notice instantly. Everyone can appreciate having something that helps keep single-use bottled water out of their home, and it’s nice to know that with every pitcher sold, LifeStraw gives a year of safe drinking water to a child in need.