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The Unexpected Way to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

published Sep 16, 2021
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Credit: Big Ass Fans

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can feel daunting. There are so many ways to approach it, but finding a starting point that’s not too much work and that still has an impact is hard. One simple way to trim your power bill without giving up comfort: swap out your old, dusty ceiling fan for a better (and far more stylish) one.

Big Ass Fans® took the once humble ceiling fan and upgraded it to an attractive home addition that’s majorly energy efficient. Their fans use around 50 watts per hour, compared to 100 watts for typical ceiling fans and over 1,000 watts for standard A/C units, meaning a Big Ass fan costs just about $4 to run all year. Some users even saw their energy bills drop by 30 percent!

Here are some of our favorite reasons — big and small — why Big Ass fans are amazing home energy wins.

Credit: Big Ass Fans

Modern Design

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice beauty for effectiveness. The i6®, es6®, Haiku®, and Haiku® L models offer elegant and stylish design alongside efficient construction (think how the blades move air around) that save you money. 

Just choose your diameter and your favorite finish — the i6 offers four color choices; the Haiku model has an astonishing 10 finishes; and the Haiku L and es6 both come in either sleek black or neutral white — then relish in the fact that your fan actually contributes to your home’s design scheme. For more polish, the i6 and es6 have chic casings and aircraft-grade aluminum airfoils, while the curves (and optional bamboo finishes) in the Haikus bring a sense of calmness.

Setting the ambiance is simple with the i6 and es6’s optional LED lights that adjust from warm to daylight. Or dial in your perfect mood lighting with the 16 different dimmable LED settings on the Haiku and Haiku L.

Credit: Big Ass Fans

Easy Adjustability & Versatility

Getting up from the couch or bed just to turn your fan on or off feels a little archaic at this point. Which is why Big Ass fans include a remote control so you can flip between seven different speed settings and adjust the lights.

And if the remote is all the way across the room? Don’t bother getting up — download the app instead and control everything from your phone. You can even pair your fan with Alexa or Google Assistant if you really want to avoid buttons all together.

When you’re heading to bed, set the fan for sleep mode so the speed reduces gradually over a specified period of time, boosting your comfort throughout the night without wasting energy. The Haiku also lets you opt for the Fan Eco setting during the day for permanent efficiency.

Credit: Big Ass Fans

Smart Technology 

Big Ass fans have been smart for over ten years, and one of their coolest innovations is found in the Haiku and i6: SenseMe™ technology, which picks up on the temperature and humidity in your environment and adjusts the fan’s speed accordingly.

Plus, these fans detect motion in the room so they can provide cool air and comfort when you actually need it and energy savings when you don’t. Makes sense why they routinely make the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Ceiling Fans list.

Credit: Big Ass Fans

Quiet Power

One of the best ways Big Ass fans stand out is by blending in. Thanks to their brushless DC motors and aerodynamic blades, they’re much quieter than old pull-chain fans. Enjoy the breeze in peace, without turning your TV’s volume all the way up.

If you’re not a big fan of rumbling window A/C noises either, Big Ass fans help with that. The right ceiling fan keeps cool air circulating to give your A/C a break in the summer, and in the winter, it can cut down on heating usage by mixing warm air more evenly.

As far as energy upgrades go, Big Ass fans are an easy place to start. And with the company’s history in making industrial-sized fans for factories and warehouses, you know you’re getting something made to last. Each fan is built to deliver years of powerful airflow and effortless operation, so you can do exactly what you’re supposed to do at home: chill.