16 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Home in the Spring, According to a Real Estate Pro

published Jan 18, 2023
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Exterior of Sarah Jessica Parkers Southhampton's home.
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There’s a lot of decluttering, cleaning, and updating that has to be done no matter what time of year you’re selling your home. But if you’re listing in the spring, there are a few extra things you’ll want to do as Old Man Winter finally begins to pack up for the season.

Anticipating fluctuating temperatures, updating your home’s curb appeal, and refreshing your welcome mat are all things one real estate agent says you’ll need to add to your spring-specific to-dos when listing your house during those transitional months. Here are 16 steps to take ahead of springtime.

Take advantage of the longer days.

Spring brings more natural light, points out Michael Glenmullen, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is why he says it’s important to allow as much sunshine as possible to enter your home. “Because sunlight sells!” he adds.

  • Wash your windows to clean off any buildup from winter.
  • Clear window sills of anything that could block light.
  • Remove heavy window dressings to make the room feel lighter.
  • Paint the walls a bright color (a neutral white is best) to enhance the sunlight.
  • Add mirrors where light will be streaming in to compound the effect.

Adjust to the changing temperatures.

Spring may mean that winter will soon be in our rearview, but just like when you’re driving, objects may be closer than they appear. This is why Glenmullen says you’ll need to “make sure you’re ready for spring’s highly variable weather” since temperatures change quickly and rain can arrive seemingly out of nowhere.

  • Adjust your thermostat settings to account for quick changes in temperature to prepare for open houses.
  • Make sure windows and doors are well insulated to minimize the effects of temperature changes.
  • Place a new welcome mat outside your door so that people can clean their shoes and avoid tracking dirt and water into your home when it’s raining. This makes cleanup easier in between open houses as well.
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Freshen up your interior and exterior with signs of the season.

Other than the approaching warmth and longer days, many people love that spring brings a season of fresh and vibrant blooms. Glenmullen says you should add seasonal, spring-specific flowers inside and outside to give your home an extra dose of cheer.

  • Plant fresh flowers that naturally bloom in your area to show off what can be found locally.
  • Place a nice bouquet in the entryway and kitchen to make the house more inviting during open houses.
  • Make sure to pull up any weeds that may have grown over the winter.

Don’t forget the outdoors.

While you may not think spring is the best time to work on your home’s curb appeal — many areas of the country can still see snow well into May — there are still tasks you should tackle outside. 

  • Repaint the front door.
  • Replace an old mailbox with a modern one.
  • Add a potted plant to your doorstep.
  • Change your front door handle to a heavier-feeling one.
  • Put fresh mulch down if there’s an area that looks like it needs some help.