21 Things I’m Throwing Out Before Labor Day Weekend

published Sep 1, 2021
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Even if you don’t have kids in school, that fresh-start, seasons-changing energy is all around. And, I’ll be honest: It can be a double-edged sword. You may not be quite ready to have your days dictated by routines and schedules, especially if you’ve gotten used to a slower or just different way of doing things. On the other hand, it’s the perfect kick in the pants some of people need to get their lives in order.

One proactive step you can take to get back into the swing of things? Manage all the stuff that goes along with (or doesn’t go along with) the new flow of your days. The clothing, the shoes, the backpacks, the lunch boxes, the masks, etc. And the best way to do that is simple. Have less of it.

Why You Should Go on a Pre-Labor Day Decluttering Spree

Paring your stuff down to only what you truly need has a few advantages. First, when you have less, there’s less to organize. Saying no to clutter not only clears your actual space, but also your headspace, so you can have days that run smoothly and peacefully. And, clearing out the things that no longer serve you means making room for things that do.

To that end, here are 21 things I’m getting rid of before Labor Day:

  1. Expired or empty sunscreen containers.
  2. Arts and crafts projects the kids and I worked on in the summer.
  3. Empty, broken, or half-missing bubble wands and containers.
  4. Nursery pots that I saved in case I needed them.
  5. Sandals that didn’t get worn all summer.
  6. Swimsuits I didn’t once reach for.
  7. Coverups that never came out of the drawer.
  8. Hats that stayed hanging in the closet the whole season.
  9. Tank tops I didn’t wear.
  10. Sundresses I haven’t worn in years.
  11. Extra luggage.
  12. Extra travel accessories, like too many packing cubes or travel toiletry containers.
  13. Toys and cups from kids meals and drive-throughs.
  14. The too-old, forgotten watermelon in the back of the garage fridge.
  15. Beach towels in excess of what I need for my family and one or two guests.
  16. Coolers we didn’t use all summer.
  17. Extra bags. If I didn’t use them during the summer, the busiest “carrying” season, I probably don’t need them at all.
  18. Broken beach toys.
  19. Goggles that don’t work anymore.
  20. Pool floats with holes.
  21. Outdoor decor and accessories (like cushions or pillows) that didn’t get used.

Your turn: What are you getting rid of (and what are you keeping) as you head into fall?