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This Affordable Trick Gives Your IKEA Sofa a Stylish Upgrade

published Dec 7, 2020
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Credit: Bemz
You may not have recognized it, but that is a Vimle Sofa from IKEA in a BEMZ slipcover in Seagrass.

If you’ve ever shopped for upholstered furniture, you may have noticed that upholstered furniture is really expensive. One of our favorite tricks for getting a high-end look at a less than high-end price is this: IKEA sofa + slipcover. And just in time for the coziest season, Maxwell Ryan (Apartment Therapy’s founder and CEO) has partnered with BEMZ, one of our favorite makers of slipcovers and other aftermarket IKEA upgrades, to bring you slipcovers in the coziest material of all: corduroy. These slipcovers are made to order in Europe and give a recognizable IKEA sofa a one-of-a-kind upholstered look.

Credit: Bemz
That's the same Karlstad sofa, now in a Winter Moss slipcover.

Yes, these are all IKEA sofas. And that’s the beauty of BEMZ: Even though you have the same Karlstad or Soderhamn sofa that everyone else does, yours will look like one of a kind. BEMZ slipcovers are available for all kinds of IKEA sofas, from those we just mentioned to many more, and since they’re designed specifically for your sofa, they’re guaranteed to fit as perfectly as if you had it custom upholstered.

Credit: Bemz
The Brick Red slipcover on the left takes its color from the Apartment Therapy squiggle. On the right, the Blush slipcover celebrates the staying power of pink.

This new slipcover collection comes in six fall-friendly colors, rendered in a fat, cushy, wide-wale corduroy. It’s a material that begs to be touched, that suggests long, cozy Sunday afternoons. Sinking into one of these sofas is like getting a hug (and we could all use a few more hugs lately). Corduroy has the advantage of being both comfortable AND stylish. We love how, in the photos above, the plush corduroy seems to almost glow in the afternoon sunlight.

Credit: Bemz
Brick Red corduroy on the Soderhamn sofa.

The corduroy slipcovers pictured here start at $249 for a chair and $449 for a sofa. Not a fan of corduroy? BEMZ has plenty of other materials to choose from, like linen and luxurious velvet. Their covers come in over 100 different fabrics, and pretty much any color you can imagine, so no matter your decor style, they’ve got you. They’re a great way to upgrade a new sofa, or to make an old sofa that’s gotten a little dingy look new again. You could even get two sets for the same piece — corduroy or velvet for winter, cotton or linen for summer — and refresh your living room with the seasons.

Credit: Bemz
Peacoat is a stately, deeply saturated blue.

BEMZ offers free samples of all their fabrics, and all their products have a two-week open return policy and a three-year quality guarantee. And — this might be the best part — all their slipcovers are machine washable, so your sofa will stay looking this good for a long, long time.