This Candle Captures the Angst of Being Stuck in a Meeting

published Oct 13, 2019
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Credit: Whiskey River Soap Co.

Any job, no matter how much you love it overall, can have its tiring and irritating moments, especially when you’re called into a long meeting barely relevant to your work that could have been resolved by email. What do you do to get through it without slipping into a rage coma? Maybe a drink would help, but HR would frown upon that in your office. That’s where the inspiration for this candle came from, the Candle for Fucking Meetings, which smells like “Bourbon in My Coffee.”

Here’s what creators Whiskey River Soap Co., have to say about this unique candle:

“The icing on the arsenic cake that is any weekday morning, afternoon or evening. And speaking of evenings… didja have to schedule the WebEx for 6:15 p.m. on a Friday, Becky? All to tell me you’d put feedback in the Powerpoint? Because you couldn’t put that in a fucking email? Don’t worry. I’ll text you all my feedback on Saturday around dawn.”

Maybe it’s time to have a frank conversation with your supervisor or look for a new job before you become a living Dilbert cartoon or Office Space printer-smashing montage. In the meantime, light up a candle. 

Keep the label facing you for an inside joke with yourself, or turn it around to face outward for a passive-aggressive message you can laugh off. It’s still friendlier than an angry refrigerator post-it.

Whiskey River Soap Co. has a whole collection of salty candles where this one came from (A Candle for Last Night: Smells Like I Can’t Even, A Candle for Zero Carbs: Smells Like Starving to Death), as well as some disarmingly earnest ones (A Candle for Okay Moms: Smells Like Truth). What can we say? Sometimes, it’s best to use your words, other times it’s best to let the labels of your novelty candles do your communicating for you?