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This Design Marketplace Is Your One-Stop Shop for Heartwarming Holiday Gifts

published Nov 14, 2022
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In theory, doing our holiday shopping early is totally achievable. But in reality, that luxury is gone before we know it — whoops! December catches us off guard, and instead of having enough time to search for meaningful gifts for everyone on our lists, we’re left scrambling to find things that are still in stock and won’t be delivered (too) late.

Which is why we appreciate Minted so much. It’s a marketplace of artist-designed decor, art, and stationery — all with options for customization or personalization — that makes it super easy to find thoughtful gifts on any shopping timeline. So no matter how closely your deadline is approaching, you can get memorable gifts that your friends and family will think you spent weeks searching for.

These hand-picked categories have something for everyone, kids included, and it’s nice to know each gift supports the artist who designed it. When you have time to look for a present for yourself — because we all deserve a treat — check out Minted’s full collection.

Credit: Minted

Colorful Totes

A quality tote bag is something to cherish, especially when it’s made just for you. Choose between 36 different prints, then pick your favorite font to emboss your recipient’s name in a handsome leather tag. Each 100-percent cotton bag also includes luxe details like a brushed-copper snap closure and genuine leather straps. Make it a combo gift with a matching zippered clutch, too.

The textured coloring on Tissue Overlay makes the tote appropriate for business and personal settings, while the minimalist Montauk is casual but classy. We’re also partial to Shuffle’s “where’d you get that?” colorful brushstroke design (which we suspect helps hide stains, too).

Credit: Minted

Custom Photo Gifts

You don’t have to know anything about photography to create custom photography gifts that will become part of your loved ones’ homes forever. Just pick the design that speaks to you and upload photos right from your computer. And because the layout options let you beautifully share anywhere from 1 to 30 photos, you can focus on as many memories as you want. (Bonus points if you include a photo of yourself.)

Cuatro and The Big Picture display your absolute favorite pics, while Collage Heart (a bestseller) and One Perfect Year pack a lifetime of special moments into a single frame.

Credit: Minted

Artisanal Decor

This ever-evolving selection of throws, tabletop decor, ornaments, and more is a wonderfully easy way to directly support artists. Every piece is handmade, one-of-a-kind, or made in small batches, so whether you’re shopping for vases, candle holders, or blankets, you know your gift will become a one-of-a-kind heirloom — perfect for the one-of-a-kind people in your life.

Credit: Minted

Silhouettes and House Prints

Custom-made art is the kind of gift that always stands the test of time, but is usually hard to come by at the last minute. These silhouettes and house prints (which are artistic renderings of homes) have solved that problem for good, and all you need to do is upload a photo!

Choose between wood and metal frames to match your recipient’s decor, and upgrade to letterpress or real foil press for a more distinct look. Did we mention the silhouettes are great for pet parents, too?

Credit: Minted

Disney, Disney, Disney!

Puzzles, notebooks, stationery, and more, all adorned with Disney and Pixar art that children (or children at heart) will love. Choose between classic (Mickey Mouse) and contemporary worlds (“Frozen,” “Cars,” “Mulan”), with plenty of ways to customize.

The Warrior Princess notebook can be a lined journal or a structured planner, and Andy’s Toys lets you turn a family photograph into a puzzle that’s worth framing. Also, check out the print selection to see how artists reimagined beloved Disney characters into delightfully fine art.

Credit: Minted

Personalized Stationery

Inspire the people on your list to send a handwritten letter (or thank-you note) for a change. With dozens of colorful designs and beautiful fonts for adding your recipient’s name, it’s easy to find sets that feel tailor-made.

Choose between sharp or rounded corners on ones like Modern Arch, and even more fanciful shapes like those in Abstract Border. Remember to customize the back of the stationery with photos and prints, then add a matching storage box to keep everything artfully organized.

Check off your holiday shopping list at Minted.