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This Earthy Paint Palette Will Make Your Home Significantly Calmer

updated Sep 15, 2022
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Credit: Sherwin-Williams®
Paint colors shown include: Java SW 6090 (walls); Urbane Bronze SW 7048 (ceiling).

Nature is inspiring a lot of interior design right now, and the reason is simple: The colors of the natural world offer respite from work, life, and whatever’s on your mind. They can turn your home into a serene haven from everyday stress. So to highlight the warm, grounding power of these hues, we created a color palette layered with desert shades of mauve, bronze, and clay. Meet Earthy Pleasures.

Curated by designer and visual artist Sara Weissler, Earthy Pleasures feels like a breath of fresh air whenever you walk into the room or come home from a long day. Together, the gentle browns and tans add calming energy to your bathroom, living room, dining room, or anywhere you unwind. And because every paint is from Sherwin‑Williams®, you can count on rich color and long-lasting results. Let’s take a closer look!

What Inspired It

Our color expert Sara Weissler looked to all the natural materials currently taking over home design and found the soothing sweet spot. “Everywhere I turn, elements such as plaster, woven plant fibers, clay, and wood grains are layered to create environments that are warm and inviting,” she says.

Dark grays and earth tones are also AT reader favorites on Prism, our tool that helps you find color inspiration. Sara found her own inspiration behind this palette by identifying color trends on Prism and seeing which kinds of colors stand out to readers like you. She especially loved seeing how well Urbane Bronze SW 7048 works as an accent or main color. Try it yourself by clicking the little rainbow button on the bottom of any photo on AT — see what you discover!

Why We Love It

Like a quiet desert hike, these colors put your mind at ease. The light blush of Mellow Mauve SW 0039 and the sandy warmth of Nearly Brown SW 9093 make for a neutral palette that is anything but boring. Meanwhile, the muted metallic of Urbane Bronze SW 7048 and the earthy burgundy of Java SW 6090 add streaks of depth and richness, like mineral deposits in a rock face. Softening it all is Alabaster SW 7008, a sophisticated bone white. Together, they evoke New Mexican hot springs, Georgia O’Keeffe paintings, and naps in the sun.

Credit: Sherwin-Williams®
Paint colors shown include: Java SW 6090 (walls).

How to Use It

A soft and warm white, Alabaster SW 7008 looks lovely in any room. And if you want to paint an entire room a dark color, Java SW 6090 would be a great choice. “When I see dark rooms, they are usually a cool gray or a navy,” Sara says. “This warm, dark chocolate would be beautiful on walls or a ceiling.”

Use Nearly Brown SW 9093 and Mellow Mauve SW 0039 as highlight colors, or have a little fun with them as half walls. And Alabaster SW 7008, Urbane Bronze SW 7048, and Java SW 6090 would be striking on trim and doors.

Credit: Sherwin-Williams®
Paint colors shown include: Java SW 6090 (wall).

Want to play around with this palette before you start painting? Get free color chips of every color here and see how they look in your space, with your lighting, and next to your furniture.

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