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This Robot Vacuum Fixed All of Our Pain Points About Robot Vacuums

published Dec 1, 2023
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Robot vacuums used to be one of those things that sounded great in theory, but made us skeptical in practice. Ignoring dusty corners, getting caught in the rug, beeping randomly, freaking out our pets — were they really that much better than their non-automated counterparts?

Then we heard about the ECOVACS DEEBOT X2 OMNI. And you know what? We think these robots might be onto something. This ingenious device solves every problem we had with robot vacuums — and non-robot vacuums, for that matter. Plus it mops, which frankly feels like being gifted more hours in the day. With precision technology and forward-thinking design, the DEEBOT X2 OMNI delivers truly hands-off cleaning that you don’t have to clean up after later. Here’s how it turned our biggest vacuum woes into wins.


Pain Point #1: Cleaning Vacuums Is Gross.

Sure, there can be some perverse satisfaction in emptying a full vacuum chamber — but must we? The DEEBOT X2 OMNI doesn’t make us get up close with all the dust, dirt, and pet hair it’s just collected. Instead, like the perfect houseguest, it cleans up after itself.

First, the all-in-one OMNI station empties the dustbin. Then it washes the mopping pads in 131° F water (hot enough to dissolve all that oil and dirt) and dries them with hot air, which prevents bacteria and mold growth. Finally, the OMNI Station refills the water tank so it’s ready for next time. All in a slim, modern design that blends into your space.


Pain Point #2: Vacuuming Isn’t Always Enough.

Sometimes, your vacuum just doesn’t get everything. (My war on dog hair is eternal.) Sometimes, it’s because once you vacuum the whole house, that only means that it’s time to…mop the whole house. The difference with the DEEBOT X2 OMNI is that not only do you not have to do either task — but it’s also going to do a better job at both of them. In my case, anyway.

The DEEBOT X2 OMNI has four cleaning modes — vacuum only, mop only, vacuum while mopping, and vacuum before mopping — for everything from daily maintenance sweeps to deeper cleans. It also has a maximum suction power that’s more than five times the strength of most standard robot vacuums, plus an upgraded rubber brush with spiraling blades. Translation: It will find every speck of dirt and dust hiding in floor crevices and carpet fibers. When it’s time to mop, the DEEBOT X2 OMNI uses a unique pressurized spinning mop, the OZMO™ Turbo, that scrubs way better than flat and even vibrating mops. And its new automatic mop-lifting technology makes for seamless transitions between rugs and hard floors.


Pain Point #3: No But Really, Why Are Robot Vacuums Usually Round?

Watching a round robot vacuum can remind you of that old DVD screensaver that used to bounce across the TV: always close to the corners, but never landing them. (Iykyk.) The DEEBOT X2 OMNI takes care of that issue with a streamlined square shape that works with your room’s layout, not against it, for superior edge and corner cleaning. It also has a slim and low-profile design that can sneak under and between furniture with ease. The design may be compact, but with an elongated main brush and precisely positioned mopping pads, it achieves a wider cleaning path than its size might suggest.

And about those paths: The DEEBOT X2 OMNI really takes the term “smart vacuum” to a new level, with embedded Dual LiDAR lasers — the kind used in self-driving cars — for faster, more accurate mapping. It also uses advanced 3D and AI technology to detect obstacles down to the millimeter, navigating around them while still cleaning within an inch of them. And the more it cleans, the smarter it gets.