This Weird Design Hack is Solving One of My Biggest Sleeping Problems

published Sep 13, 2019
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Credit: Nadja Endler

I take my bedding very seriously.

As a naturally hot sleeper, I love to crank up the air conditioning in summer and crack the window in the blistering winter’s chill. I sometimes struggle with falling asleep in my sub-zero apartment, so I always pile on the top sheets, throw blankets, and duvet to stay cozy.

The plot only thickens whenever I share a bed with my boyfriend, who likes cocooning himself in blankets just as much as I do. Oftentimes, what should be a good night’s sleep is often an involuntary bout of blanket tug-of-war. Fortunately, our bedding debacle took a turn for the better this summer, when we realized we didn’t have to share a blanket.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? My boyfriend spent the summer living and working in Berlin, which means I spent plenty of time in Europe this summer. At first glance, the bed in the space he rented looked like any other setup: A full mattress, a few plush pillows, some shams, and what I thought was a disheveled duvet. But when I looked closer, I realized it wasn’t one large duvet: It was two smaller ones.

Translation? The bed had enough room for two, so both parties could have their personal duvet. I know, the mind is blown.

Sure, this design hack might seem a little wacky stateside—and isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as a single, fluffy duvet—but it was love at first sleep. Instead of our usual tug-of-war, we could curl up in our respective duvets and clock in a good night’s sleep. In fact, we even joked that this under-the-radar design hack could save a lot of couples from mid-sleep squabbles.

But what we quickly realized is that this bedding hack wasn’t just a one-hit-wonder. Whether we were staying at a hotel in Sweden, enjoying our road trip in the Austrian alps, or soaking up some sunshine in Mallorca de Palma, we could not escape the magic of the double duvet. In fact, one of my friends who we vacationed in Amsterdam with noticed the hack in during her travels.

As my boyfriend and I gear up for our big move to San Francisco—which also marks the first time we’ll be living together—we’ve seriously considered mimicking this trend in our soon-to-be home. While this alternative has yet to hit it big stateside, there are companies that will bring dual duvets to straight to your mattress. Of course, you can always get a little crafty by purchasing two identical twin-sized comforters and lay them side by side.

But whether you buy a set or flex your DIY muscle, one thing’s for sure: This hack will be a complete game-changer.