This $3 Accessory Makes Old Outlets Look Brand New (No Wiring Necessary!)

published Sep 22, 2021
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An electrical socket and TV outlet in the drywall in the room of in apartment,Electrical plug and TV signal outlets on white wall.
Credit: Shutterstock | Sawangkaew

TikTok continues to win people over with easy home projects that teach cheap, quick troubleshooting for a variety of at-home issues. The latest video to go viral tackles an update you might not even realize you need. But once you see the difference in the before and after, you’ll be in the car and on your way to the hardware store (or clicking “add to cart”) before you’ve even made it back to your “For You” page.

This TikTok from Danielle of Made on Mapleridge, a self-proclaimed power tool lover, steers clear of advanced DIY techniques, electrical changes, or complicated wiring. This project requires just a screwdriver and a wall plate that will run you less than $3. 

Wondering why you’d even need to replace your electrical wall plates? If you live in an old home or one that hasn’t seen a face-lift in a few years, you might have the dreaded beige plug/white electrical plate combo, or, even worse, plates that have seen their fair share of hastily applied painter’s tape. These less-than-fresh outlet covers are a a small detail that you might not be able to put your finger on at first — but they can make your home look dated and sloppy. 

When there’s such a cheap, low-effort fix, there’s no need to live with that. Using a screwdriver and an inexpensive outlet cover, all you need to do is unscrew the old cover, pop the new one on, and you’re done. No wiring and no electrical required. 

This particular decorative plate, which will run you only $2.26 at Lowe’s, covers your outdated plugs or switches entirely, so you don’t need to worry about unscrewing and reattaching anything in the electrical box.


It’s a 30-second fix that will bring your home into 2021 and leave your outlets — and your walls — with a smooth, monochromatic, clean look.