This TikToker Creates Keepsake Artwork with a Thrift Store Staple

published Sep 1, 2023
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Credit: Andreas von Einsiedel/Getty Images

If you have a collection of photos, tickets, postcards, and more paper ephemera tucked away in a shoebox, it’s time to put them all on display. This TikToker showed how she created wall art using her old keepsakes and some vintage fabric, and the cozy nostalgia that radiates from the finished pieces will definitely make you go “awww!”

Lalanya, who goes by @lalanyajade on TikTok, shared a video of herself using thrifted frames to put her keepsakes on display. But rather than using a matte board or white paper to mount her pieces on, she opted to use bits of scrap fabric to give her bits and bobs a cottagecore feel.

This entire project can be completed after one trip to the thrift store. First, hit the frames aisle to check out what vintage and used frames speak to you. If you’re planning on creating a gallery wall with these keepsakes, you might want to look for frames that are similar in style. Or, go for a collected-over-time look and choose frames at random.

Next, hit the fabric and bedding section. Here is where you’ll find the perfect prints to give your keepsakes somewhere to rest. Many thrift stores sell scraps of fabric from crafters, but if not, grab a bedsheet with a print that speaks to you.

Bring everything home, give your things a good wash, and you’re ready to assemble. Lalanya uses the backing of the frame to measure how much fabric she needs per piece. And you don’t need to add tape or any adhesive to your photos, tickets, book pages, etc. Just sandwich them between the glass, fabric, and backing, and you’re ready to hang.

Keep your keepsakes out of the shoebox and enjoy them every day with this fun DIY project.