A Popular TikTok Trend Just Became a New Card Game

published Nov 11, 2021
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Credit: Target

Those of you who frequent TikTok are probably well versed in the “tell me without telling me” trend, which is basically an online version of charades. “Tell me you have a Golden Retriever without telling me you have a Golden Retriever” is one example which plays over footage of a Golden doing very Golden-esque things.

The hilarious trend has since hopped offline and has been turned into a party game by Spin Master Games. The result is sort of like charades meets Cards Against Humanity, and the objective is to give your teammates hints to what clue you hold so they can guess what you’re trying to tell them without telling them.

The included dice has three categories that dictate how you have to relay your information to your teammates: Show Don’t Tell, where there are no words allowed, One Syllable, where you’re only allowed to your single-syllable words, and Freestyle, which is when anything goes except for gestures.

Topic categories range from people to traits to places and also NSFW things, so make sure you’re playing with the appropriate age group — and here’s your advanced warning if you decide to play with family or coworkers)! You have 60 seconds to have your teammates guess as many clues as possible, and whoever has the most cards at the end wins.

TikTok fiends and newbies alike will love this game and its hilarious prompts, and you can currently pick it up at Target for $19.99. Pull this out after your upcoming Friendsgiving meal and get ready for the cry-laughing to begin.