I Tried TiKTok’s Super-Simple Duvet-Cover Method, And It’s Making Me Reconsider My Top Sheet Habit

published Nov 4, 2020
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Unlike many other millennials I know, I still believe in top sheets. Top sheets make sense, because they provide an extra layer between our bodies and our duvets. Plus, it’s hard to argue with the fact that taking the duvet cover on and off requires some acrobatics. If having a top sheet means I’ll wage that battle less often and still sleep in a clean bed, I’ll take the extra layer of bedding.

Unfortunately, my family’s habits are not in line with my preferences. My children never manage to sleep nice and neatly tucked beneath a top sheet—and getting them to make their against-the-wall bunks with their top sheets pulled up is near impossible. So I went against my principles and took their top sheets off for good. The result: A near-constant struggle to take the duvet on and off.

I used to put our duvet covers on the same way my mom taught me to put a pillowcase on the pillows: Turn the cover inside out, keep my hands inside, and pinch the corners of the pillow through the case. Then flip the cover over the pillow and shimmy and fan and fluff the case down over the pillow. It lines everything up nicely and avoids the dreadful twisted case/wonky pillow situation.

This method worked pretty well when doing duvet covers, but shaking out a duvet takes up a lot more space than shaking out a pillow. The task was becoming increasingly time-consuming, so when TikTok served up an appealing alternative to getting those duvet covers on, I knew I had to try it.


TikTok human machine recognition page.

You need to watch the duvet strategy in action, but basically you turn the duvet cover inside out, spread it out on the bed, then spread the duvet on top and roll them up together. Next, you simply flip the cover over the duvet and unroll the whole thing.

Just like that, a cumbersome task became easy. And, well, I guess I can feel okay about abandoning my petition to keep the top sheet.