TikTok Just Merged 2 Favorite Aesthetics Together, Calling It “Grandmaximalist”

published May 24, 2022
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Thanks to social media, new aesthetic crazes spread faster than you can double tap. Cottagecore, fairycore, dark academia…the list goes on. One TikToker just combined two aesthetics into one, and the overall vibe will speak to anyone who likes collecting things from the days of yore.

“I call it Grandmaximalist,” TikTok user @vi0letm00n wrote in the caption of their May video that shows off some of their home decor. The video shows dark vintage-patterned wallpaper, candlesticks, old paintings, tapestries, throw pillows, a gallery wall filled with ornate frames and quirky art — it’s a lot of antique vibes meets dark arts, and it’s a really good look.

@Vi0letm00n has combined “grandmillennialism” — an aesthetic that draws inspiration from vintage styles that lean heavily into floral-patterned furniture and wallpapers, traditional furniture pieces, and brass accents — with maximalism, which is all about showing your fun collectibles and keepsakes.

And, as is true with any decor aesthetic, there are niches within the niches. Grandmaximalism could be light and airy, accented with pastel florals and twee accessories. But @vi0letm00n brought out their witchy side and filled their maximalist space with herbs, spooky art, candles, and a few Victorian-era-inspired accessories. 

@Vi0letm00on used an audio clip from interior decorator and crafter Christine McConnell who wrapped up the grandmaximalist aesthetic perfectly: “I would say my personal aesthetic is probably closest to that of a dead old lady who lives in a haunted mansion. And while I want visitors to feel cared for and comfortable, I hope they also feel a bit wary and suspicious.”

Though grandmaximalism can be approached from many different angles, it’s a great starting point for those who love to curate a comforting space as much as they love curating their various collections.