This TikTok Imagines What It’d Be Like to Live in a Guitar, and It’s Pretty Gorgeous

published Jan 20, 2023
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The guitar might be one of the most popular musical instruments, but on TikTok, it could also be one of the most popular living spaces.

TikTok user and architecture expert @reevcon is making everyone want to live inside a guitar after he posted a video imagining what different musical instruments would be like as homes. 

In the clip, he starts off with the interiors of a piano. As expected, the place is spacious and elegant, though he thinks that it would make for a better ballroom than a house. “I would see a Great Gatsby party going on here,” he said.

Next, he says that the violin has an aesthetic similar to the guitar, thanks to the wooden finishes and the skylight. Although he doesn’t like the former as much as the latter, the comments section disagreed, saying it has the perfect amount of lighting to be relaxing. “It’s got that dark academia vibe.”

On wind instruments, it’s a hard pass for everyone because the interiors look like a sewer.

The organ, on the other hand, is easily the most elegant of all musical instruments, with its high ceiling and walls layered with pipes. “It literally looks exactly where it is… like a concert hall, it looks like a church or a temple,” said @reevcon. Another comment added: “The organ is straight out from Interstellar lowkey.”

But the best imaginary living space has to be the guitar, definitely. It has plenty of natural light, is spacious, and looks cozy due to its warm interiors.

“Bro I thought I was the only one that wanted to live in a guitar,” said one commenter.