This Super Simple TikTok Hack Will Make Your Next Paint Project Much Less Messy

published Oct 19, 2022
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I recently painted a wall in my living room (aka, my office, coffee area, and gym). I love how it turned out (I used Benjamin Moore’s Seabrook, in case you were wondering). What I didn’t love? How freaking impossible it was to pour paint from the can to the tray without making a mess.

Why hasn’t anyone invented a paint can with a spout? How is anyone supposed to pour the stuff without dripping half of it down the side of the can? Once that happens, what are you supposed to do with the can? And how can you easily seal up the can and reopen later (when it’s time to do a second or third coat) without fighting with that congealed mess?


I had always assumed this mess was a necessary evil of painting, but then I came across this brilliant TikTok. It’s so simple I was actually face palming as I watched it — mostly because I hadn’t thought of it myself. Take a look for yourself.

In the video, @goodlyearth (Mitch Couch in real life), uses two pieces of painter’s tape to solve the dreaded Dripping Paint Problem. He places one piece of tape along the rim of one side of the paint can, and another piece on another, creating somewhat of an “L” shape made from tape. He then pours the paint from the taped-off “corner” into the tray. And here’s the best part: Although the tape does get messy, the second he peels all of it off, the can looks good as new! No mess!

If you’re starting a painting project anytime soon, take note! This simple, inexpensive tricks will drastically lower your painting stress and frustration. I just wish I had known about them much earlier.

How do you keep your paint jobs mess free? Tell us your tips in the comments below.