A TikToker Found the Most Surprising Reason to Thrift a Vintage Fridge

published Jan 30, 2024
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Wooden breakfast nook adjacent to vintage kitchen.
Credit: Leela Cyd

Just because something is new doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better — especially when it comes to technology and home appliances. And a recent TikTok is showing that that’s particularly true for an unlikely kitchen staple: a fridge. 

TikToker @dustyoldstuff posted a video on Jan. 22 showing a refrigerator from 1963 that comes with all the bells and whistles, and seems to have more in-demand features than newer models.

The video takes viewers on a tour of the fridge, highlighting shelves that swivel toward you (which makes cutting back on food waste a breeze), easy-to-remove drawers that slide in and out for cleaning, and a heated butter container that keeps butter stored at the right temperature for spreading. One TikToker commented that the swivel feature should mount a comeback. “Why wouldn’t they have rotating shelves now? That’s a genius idea!!” they wrote.

Each shelf also comes with a button that lets you adjust the height of the shelves without having to remove the full tray. This decades-old technology feels more advanced and user-friendly, and while it still might be a safer bet to remove all the food items before adjusting the shelf height, you’re not required to.

“Someone’s gonna say they want this,” said the content creator.

The appliance has been so well-preserved that it still has the original receipt. According to the video, the receipt shows that the fridge was bought on June 10, 1963 for “$475+Ice Maker.” Adjusted for inflation, that’s about $4,800 today.

That’s expensive for a refrigerator, but the unit’s features and durability (not to mention the fact that it looks like it still works after 60 years) make it a good purchase.

“I’d want it [because] it’ll probably work another 100 years,” a commenter said.

Another added, “Wow why’d they stop doing this?! So much more practical!!” 

This TikToker summed up why the fridge is so great: “Love the ingenuity of this fridge!” And I have to agree.