People Are Only Realizing Now That Toasters Have Crumb Trays

published Apr 19, 2021
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Anyone else here feel silly for thinking that the crumbs at the bottom of toasters would just magically disappear overnight? Don’t worry, TikTok knows exactly that feeling.

Over on the popular social media platform, people are shocked to learn that toasters actually have crumb trays. To be fair to those who are finding out about it just now, the tray is generally really well hidden. You have to look at the backside of your toaster and find a small compartment. Pull its latch or lip, and you’ll discover perhaps years’ worth of crumbs.

TikTok user Zoe Alexander couldn’t believe it after making the discovery. In her video, she cites the toaster as an example of an “adult problem that nobody prepared you for,” revealing her tray filled with crumbs. 

Another woman, Amy Bails, is also surprised to find a mountain of crumbs inside her toaster. “I’ve had this toaster for 10 years,” she said, flabbergasted:

Other TikTok users also expressed their shock, saying that, all this time, they’ve been flipping their toasters upside-down, which is not exactly the most efficient method of crumb removal.

In an interview with, Appliances Online category expert Colin Jones explained that the trays are also there for safety purposes. “Crumb trays should be removed and cleaned on a regular basis, to remove the build-up of crumbs and to reduce any potential fire risk.”

This isn’t the first toaster-related TikTok trend; last year, one writer tested the method of cleaning a toaster with a hair dryer that she spotted on the app.

So there you have it; the stuff you find out about on TikTok. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just go clean out my toaster.