This Genius TikTok Hack Turns Any Wallpaper Into a Renter-Friendly Option

published Oct 26, 2023
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Even though the wallpaper I used in my bathroom is labeled as renter-friendly with peel-and-stick capabilities, I’m still nervous about the day I move out and have to rip it down. You’ve probably seen those videos on TikTok where people go to strip off their supposedly removable paper, only to discover that it’s more difficult to cleanly tear apart than even regular wallpaper. But now there’s a TikTok hack shared by Mallory Wackerman, aka @malloryinteriors, that not only turns regular wallpaper into a renter-friendly option, but is also just a great idea to use on any wall covering in general so you don’t have to stress about the removal process.

All you need to complete the hack is painter’s tape, double-sided tape, and the wallpaper of your choice (and it doesn’t have to already be peel-and-stick!). First, starting at the very top of your wall where it meets the ceiling, place a horizontal line of painter’s tape spanning the entire area where you want to hang the wallpaper. 

After you make the first line, repeat taping horizontal lines down the wall, leaving a few inches in between each. If you have any appliances, electrical sockets, or hardware in the way, just put painter’s tape around the item, breaking away from the horizontal pattern. 

Once your painter’s tape is up, grab double-sided tape and put it right over the painter’s tape strips. Since it’s layering directly on top of the removable tape, it won’t rip up any of the paint on the walls once you take everything down. From there, you’re free to add your wallpaper and stick it to the double-sided tape. Just make sure to cut around the outlets or lights with an X-Acto knife to get the perfect customized look. 

If you’ve been eyeing wallpaper that’s unfortunately not peel-and-stick, this is a genius solution that allows you to display any wallpaper proudly, no matter if you’re renting or not! Or, it’s easy to redecorate in the future if you want to try out a new pattern or style.