TJ Maxx Has Tons of “So Pretty” Colorful Glassware Right Now (You’ll Want It All!)

published Feb 14, 2024
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TJ Maxx storefront
Credit: Shutterstock/Helen89

Colorful glassware has been trendy since Depression glass hit the scene in the ‘30s, but TJ Maxx is putting a new twist on the old trend. The store has so many pieces of spring-inspired colorful glassware available, you won’t be able to wait until the season starts before hosting a springtime dinner party. From candy-colored water glasses to tulip-shaped cocktail glasses, you’ll want to buy an entire new collection of glassware just for the upcoming season.

TikTok user Madison Rock found a TJ Maxx end cap that was stuffed to the brim with colorful glassware last week. “Run to TJ Maxx,” she wrote over her video. Say less, Madison. Say less.

Just look at those beveled peach-colored water glasses and that entire collection of lilac drinkware (with gold rims, no less!). 

“I got the pink and green wine glasses. They are so pretty!” one person commented. Another added, “Imagine this for a mermaid-themed bar.” Yes, yes, and yes!

Another TikToker found a set of drink glasses that have daisies painted on them. “It was so hard to resist these…” they wrote over their slideshow. “Only $12.99.”

And the beaded glassware at their store was on point with the pink goblets and purple water glasses.

Some TJ Maxx stores even have glass tumblers with wood caps and straws available in spring colors and designs. “I should have bought everything I saw TBH,” TikTok user Jenny wrote in her video’s caption.

If your TJ Maxx is already out of stock, then you can check out this set of spring colored glassware from Amazon. They feature a similar beaded motif to the TJ Maxx glasses, and come in a collection of spring-inspired hues like light pink, purple, and teal blue.

So if you’re planning on hosting garden parties in the spring and summer, head to your nearest TJ Maxx right now to pick up some glassware to fit the occasion. And try as you might, but you’ll find it impossible to not go overboard — you’ve been warned!