Halloween Season Is Officially Here — Yogi Skeletons Are Back at Trader Joe’s

published Sep 2, 2022
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Credit: jejim/Shutterstock

Did you feel that shift in the atmosphere? It’s finally September and Halloween season just kicked into high gear. Though many of us proudly celebrate the spooky season all year round, everything gets a bit creepier and crawlier when the air begins to chill. 

As if you needed another sign that we’ve finally entered into the best season of the year, Trader Joe’s just brought back the infamous yogi skeleton planters. So it’s confirmed: it’s officially Halloween.

The unfortunate thing about the yogi skeleton planters is that they don’t tend to stick around on the shelves for a long time. Even though the Aloe-ween Vera is another popular seasonal contender of the grocery store, the shoppers’ obsession with the yogi plant usually results in a shopping cart full of the skeletons. So if you’re hoping to get your hands on one (or all three) of these little guys, then you should definitely hop on your broom and act fast.

They’re being sold for about $7 in most Trader Joe’s locations, and each skeleton planter comes with a Tillandsia air plant.

Air plants can be tricky to care for. They don’t actually need soil to grow because they have evolved to survive off of the humidity in their natural habitats. In order to keep your Tillandsia plant happy and healthy, give it bright, indirect sunlight for most of the day and when it’s time to water, submerge the plant in rain or tap water for about an hour. Then, shake off any excess and let the plant dry upside down.

Otherwise, you can soak your Tillandsia weekly and mist it in between soakings.

The scariest thing about these yogi skeleton planters is — just like their ghostly counterpart — they seem to quickly evaporate. Get to your nearest Trader Joe’s now to grab one before they disappear!