Clever Ways to Reuse All Those Used Toilet Paper Roll Tubes

published Sep 28, 2018
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(Image credit: Kath Nash)

Toilet paper is a fact of life, as are all the tubes that pile up as you go through it. Sure you can recycle those used rolls, but there’s a much better use for all that cardboard. Here are a bunch of ways to stretch out their humble little lives a little further.

If you have a ton of gift wrap in your closet, take a break from buying more and find other ways to package presents. These fruit-themed ones are adorable.

When you’re ready to start your garden for the season, get your seeds started in discarded tubes. (Write the name of the plant in magic marker on the side.) But, if real plants aren’t your thing, try a paper version that doesn’t need to be cared for.

Fill a series of tubes with candy and small toys, wrap in some tissue paper, and you’ve got some quick, fun party favors.

There are endless ways to cut up, paint, and refashion cardboard tubes into something fun for kids, starting with these mini Japanese-style windsocks.

This artwork, made from slices of toilet paper tubes, reminds me of quilling, just without all that paper rolling.

Come this winter, roll one of these in some peanut putter and coat with seeds. It’s a fun activity for kids, and birds will appreciate the little snack.

Crochet a cover, attach a bell, and your cat will love you forever (but not as much as he/she will love this toy).

I could devote an entire post to all the ways people use these things in their hamster habitats. It’s worth a Google to see all the cuteness.

Here’s a cheap way to freshen your air. Douse a little tissue with essential oils, then tuck it inside a tube. It will blend right into your bathroom, but smell much better in there.

Here’s an impromptu smartphone stand. I can’t say for sure, but the hollow tube might just help amplify the speaker.

How else have you reused cardboard toilet paper rolls?