Attention, Gardeners: Expect These Trends to Take Root in 2021

published Jan 2, 2021
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a variety of herbs and lettuce plants outside with gardening tools
Credit: Alexander Raths/Shutterstock

2020 was the year of bread, tie-dye, and lots of TV, yes, but another hobby had a major moment in the quarantine sun: Gardening. Amid your usual doomscrolling, you likely came across content from friends, families, and celebrities (hello, Kat Dennings, I’m a fan!) on Instagram sharing their new makeshift gardens. Growing your own produce was certainly a major 2020 trend—one that will likely extend into this new year. As such, the folks at Love the Garden offered some predictions on some of the top gardening trends to expect in 2021. 

The Australian garden brand turned to Instagram to analyze some of the top garden hashtags of 2020. In examining the top trends of last year, Love the Garden was able to break down some of the trends to expect in 2021. While #balconygardening (at 96,817 posts), #wildgarden (91,777 posts), #insideoutside (83,731 posts), #tinygarden (80,752 posts) and #raisedbedgarden (78,910 posts) came out as the top five trends of 2020, grow your own, urban garden, organic gardening, urban gardening, and vegetable garden will be the top five garden trends of 2021, according to the brand.

Vertical gardens and city gardens will also be big this year as those in smaller spaces look for ways to reap the benefits of gardens. “If you live close to the city, you know how rare it is to stumble upon rentals that offer any outdoor space. If you’re lucky, you have a modest balcony or a communal outdoor space. So how do we best make use of our small urban spaces? Look up!” per Love the Garden.

“Most spaces already come with what you need, equipped with fencing, brick, railing, stairs, an overhang deck, or an awning—utilizing all wall space and existing structures can dramatically change the landscape from a concrete box to a vertical garden oasis.”

Tell us, fellow garden enthusiasts: Which trend will you incorporate in 2021?