These Pet Parents Built the Ultimate Hangout for Their Tortoise Under Their Bed

published Jan 23, 2023
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Credit: chrisbrignell/Shutterstock

You’ve heard of dog houses and cat houses, but have you ever seen a tortoise house? One TikTok user and their partner built a custom house for their tortoise named Ethel underneath their bed and recently gave it a makeover (which has gone viral) and Ethel may just be the luckiest tortoise in the world.

Ethel’s parents, who run the @EthelTheGlamourTort TikTok account, created the space by platforming their bed using drawer units. This created a small cave for Ethel to curl up in.

The torti cave first started with a simple fuzzy blanket and pillow and has since become the ultimate cozy spot any tortoise would love to snuggle up in complete with a cushioned bed, entryway rug, curtains, a decorative arch, and even portraits of Ethel’s parents that watch over her while she sleeps.

The last shot of Ethel in her little space says it all — she’s very pleased.

According to her parents, Ethel takes herself to bed every night around five o’clock. She sleeps soundly through the night (once her privacy curtains are closed!) and wakes up around eight in the morning.

And when it’s time to get up, Ethel takes her morning routine very slowly. First, she pulls herself out of bed and then walks over to her basking station for a mid-morning rest. And yes, the basking station is just as beautiful as Ethel’s bedroom.

We should all aspire to be as happy as Ethel is when we tuck ourselves into bed at the end of the day, and curating a beautiful hideout like hers may just be the first step.