This Trendy $18 Glassware Set Is a Dupe for One Four Times the Price

published May 11, 2024
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Dinner party at home
Credit: South_agency / Getty Images

Before you set your table for your next dinner party, consider whether your current drinkware is up to the challenge of impressing your guests. If it’s less than stunning, you may have to hit Walmart, because right now, they have gorgeous tortoise shell drinking glasses. These beauties look just like a similar set from Williams Sonoma (but without a high price tag).

Spotted by the creator behind the Walmart Favs Instagram account, who called these glasses “trendy,” you can snag this mottled motif in two different sizes — 20 ounce and 12 ounce — meaning you can whip up cocktails and pour water to serve to your guests.

“Ooo these are NICE,” one person commented, adding, “I really love the design of the first set of glasses.” Another person wrote, “Super cute.”

The larger 20-ounce glasses from the Thyme & Table Walmart brand are sold individually in stores, but you can also pick up a set of four online for just under $18. 

And the same goes for the smaller 12-ounce glasses, which are almost exact replicas of the Marlo Thomas tortoise shell glasses sold at Williams Sonoma. But rather than the $14 price for a set of four that Walmart is offering you, you’ll have to pitch in $70 to grab the Marlo Thomas set.

So before you entertain again, reevaluate your drinking glasses. If they don’t wow, then it’s time for an upgrade, and luckily you can upgrade without blowing through your entire hosting budget. Grab these tortoise shell glasses from Walmart before they sell out (because they’re definitely going to!).