Secrets to Making a Trader Joe’s Bouquet Look Expensive

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

There are so many things to love about Trader Joe’s, and their affordable flowers are a big one. So if you’re looking to save a few bucks on this floral-heavy holiday, we’ve asked our editors—and even the grocer’s plants and flowers team—their secrets to getting the most gorgeous bouquets for a bargain.

We chatted with the people who brought us the perfect combination of wine and succulents to get the insider scoop. If you’ve ever wondered how they can keep prices so low, here’s your answer: “We buy our flowers in large volume, direct from the growers. This helps keep our costs down and allows us to pass those savings on to our customers.”

And we were thrilled to hear that every day is a good day to pick up a bouquet: “Trader Joe’s stores receive flower deliveries seven days a week,” our Trader Joe’s source told us, so just say no to sad stems. Once you’ve gotten your blooms home, here’s how to make them look their best.

Arrange in hand

Lifestyle Editor Taryn Williford recommends arranging your bouquet in your hand, and not in the vase. “That way I can be more in control and shape the bouquet into something really round and lush. I trim the bottoms to around the same level while they’re still in my hand, then finally drop the cut flowers into a vase of water.”

Keep it together

For keeping your bouquet’s shape, try using a clear elastic or making a grid of tape on the vase, according to our Projects Editor, Dabney Frake.

Filling a too-large vase

If your vase is shorter than your stems, you can just trim them down. But what if it’s larger? Dabney suggests using straws on the ends for too-tall vases, and nesting a smaller container inside a larger one, and hiding it with beads or other decorative items.

Help it stay fresher, longer

Trader Joe’s recommends cutting the stems and “removing any foliage from the stems below the water line of your vase.” Taryn says the biggest difference in the life of your bouquet is being rigorous with changing the water. “I know it’s a pain, but honestly the trick to long-lasting flowers is just changing the water often—at least daily. Not topping it off—changing it.”

We’ve also tested many an old wives’ tale around here, from hairspray to pennies to popping the whole darn thing in the fridge.