Trader Joe’s Rolled Out Last-Minute $4 Succulent Planters For Valentine’s Day

published Feb 12, 2023
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New Items sign at Trader Joe's
Credit: Lauren Masur

Just when we thought Trader Joe’s had Valentine’s Day totally covered, the grocery store chain said, “wait, hold my succulent.” TJ’s just dropped yet another set of adorable succulent planters for Valentine’s Day and this pair is perfect together or each on their own.

This set of planters features two cute stick figure-like drawings of both a boy and girl, each holding a red heart. The girl’s planter is a light pink color and the boy’s planter is glazed white. They’re small, subtle, super sweet, and only $4.

Because these planters are so cutesy, they’d make for great last-minute teacher gifts, favors for a Valentine’s Day party, or, of course, to give to your partner (and keep one for yourself).

And just like most Trader Joe’s planters, these come with various succulents planted inside. Just make sure you only water these plants when the soil is dry all the way through so not to drown the root system.

You can also remove the succulent from these planters altogether to put them away for the season if you want to add this set to your rotating holiday decor. The plants are actually potted in removable plastic pots, so just slip them out and put them in another planter when Valentine’s Day is over.

Trader Joe’s has really outdone itself this year for Valentine’s Day. Pick up this set of planters (or one of the other great Valentine’s-themed planters Trader Joe’s has to offer right now) as well as a bouquet of flowers, and you’ll have this year’s Valentine’s Day in the bag.