Transform the IKEA Stockholm Lamp into a Sputnik-Style Chandelier

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’ve been trying to hack an IKEA chandelier into a serviceable, modern, Sputnik-style chandelier for over a year now. Successful IKEA chandelier hack tutorials abound on the Internet, but mine has been been pretty slow going between the spray paint, origami, and the fact that I ordered completely the wrong size chandelier. But apparently a really good IKEA Sputnik is easier than I ever thought.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Over at IKEA Hackers, Caissie St. Onge gave the new IKEA Stockholm chandelier a makeover just by sticking the spokes in randomly instead of in the IKEA-prescribed Saturn shape. The original shape was a little plain and static, while the modification is very cool. And hey, if you ever get bored with the Sputnik style, you could just pop the spokes out and put them back in according to the IKEA plan.

The first time I saw the Stockholm chandelier, the hack potential didn’t occur to me, as I assumed the spokes were preassembled and never even thought this would be possible. But the spokes can be put in wherever, which makes this makeover so simple it barely counts as a hack, but it’s still really cool to know this is an option.

See the full instructions at IKEA Hackers.

(Images: IKEA and IKEA Hackers)