6 Little Tricks Home Stagers Use to Upgrade Your Hallways

published Nov 3, 2020
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Hallways are arguably the most overlooked part of a home. For starters, they’re usually tiny. This makes it a challenge to add pizzazz to a space that offers so little square footage. But when it comes down to it, it’s certainly possible, and home stagers have proof.

From adjusting lighting to hanging artwork, you’d be surprised how easy it is to brighten up this overlooked spot. Here’s what these home stagers had to say about the little ways they can give your hallways some more love.

Adding more lighting

The easiest way to make your hallway brighter is paying attention to lighting. Betsy Konaxis of BK Classic Collections Home Stagers says overhead lighting is a must, but you should also explore other fixtures. “I think using different levels of lighting is always a nice thing,” she says. A chandelier can tie the hall together if your ceilings are high enough. If they’re not, go for track lighting—the series of lights can offer room to brighten up the space based on the time of day—and perhaps a sconce or two.

Amending artwork and photos

Sandra Holmes of Luxe Home Staging and Design suggests going simple when it comes to wall art. She says one route you could take is adorning your “wall of fame” with classic family photos. If you decide to go with artwork, make sure the frames aren’t too big and are more or less at eye level. “[You don’t want] anything that’s so overwhelming that when you walk down, you feel like it’s caving in on you,” Holmes says. She recommends triptychs—three different pieces of art that are all in the same family.  “When they’re spread apart a little bit… that also makes the hallway look longer and more interesting,” she says.

Opting for a neutral paint color—and maybe an accent wall

You don’t want your hallway to feel like a dungeon. That’s why Konaxis recommends keeping the sides of the wall light and neutral. Use the end of your hallway to have fun and add depth through an accent wall, with either a bold paint color or wallpaper. “It’s non-invasive, so it’s a fun way to change things up,” Konaxis says.

Hanging up mirrors

Mirrors serve an important function in small spaces. You probably already know they can make a hallway look larger than it is. It doesn’t matter if the mirror is small or medium-sized, just ensure you’re placing it in the right spot. Holmes says a mirror should be placed at the end of a hallway instead of the sides, because otherwise the mirror would just bounce light back off the other wall.

Credit: Julia Steele

Putting down a runner

Konaxis says runners help warm up a space—as long as you find the right fit. “It’s always nice to have some type of runner that’s soft and pretty,” she says. “If it’s a narrow hallway, you want to make sure your carpet is as big as possible, so that it doesn’t create even a more narrow feel.”  

Creating a plant nook

Holmes says every hallway should be “light and bright with something interesting at the end to bring you down to the end of the hall.” That “something interesting” can include an accent piece or an arrangement of plants, if your hallway gets enough natural light.