5 Shows to Watch If You Can’t Get Enough of “Ghosts”

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“Ghosts” came back for a second season recently, and if you want more, you’re not alone. The charming CBS series follows a young married couple, Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), from Brooklyn. After learning that they have inherited a mansion upstate, Sam and Jay decide to go all in on a dream project. The duo plan to turn the mansion into a B&B but when they arrive, things take a ghastly turn.

It turns out, the mansion is actually haunted by several generations of ghosts, including a
historic Viking, a closeted gay American Revolutionary officer, and an early-2000s finance bro. The haunting discovery comes after Sam has a near death experience, which left her with the ability to see and speak to her unexpected housemates. If you want more, consider diving into one of these five shows.

Ghosts (U.K.)

“Ghosts” is actually based on a British series by the same name. If you enjoy the U.S. version, why not check out the original? While both shows share the same premise, they are different enough to not feel repetitive. The original version is three seasons in, which means there are definitely more ghosts to keep up with. The British series also has its own distinct feel and humor, plus the cast is undeniably wonderful to watch.

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Boo, Bitch

“Boo, Bitch” follows two best friends dealing with the highs and lows of high school. One night, the besties end up in a car wreck and one of them dies. And just like the most series involving ghosts, there’s no moving on until you’ve completed your unfinished business. The series is a perfect mix of supernatural with a lot of teenage angst and anxiety.

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If you enjoy watching McIver chatting it up with her ghost friends, you’ll definitely love her as a zombie. The series focuses on McIver’s character, Liv Moore, a medical resident who is forced to give up her day job after being turned into a zombie. She takes a job as a medical examiner at a morgue, where she can satisfy her appetite for human brain without causing harm. Eventually, she realizes that when she eats someone’s brain, she takes on their characteristics and even has visions of their lives. Much like “Ghosts,” “iZombie” is a little
unconventional but filled with hilarious moments.

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The Good Place

While it’s not fully explained, it’s clear the ghosts on “Ghosts” are all waiting to get to move on to a better place. Similarly, the folks on “The Good Place” are also trying to figure out what to do with their afterlife. The series was created by Michael Schur and takes a funny and heartwarming dive into what may or may not be waiting for us after death.

It stars Kristen Bell as Eleanor, who has an unexpected accident and dies. She later learns that your actions on earth are calculated and based on your score, you’ll either end up in the Good Place or the Bad Place. She’s eventually told she’s in the Good Place but knows deep down she should really be in the Bad Place. As the series continues, we see Eleanor meeting other humans as they try to navigate life after death.

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Miracle Workers

“Miracle Workers” is similar to “Ghosts: because both shows deal quite a bit with the afterlife and history. The first season of “Miracle Workers” takes place in “heaven” with God played by Steve Buscemi. The second season takes viewers to the “Dark Ages” while the third season focuses on another era of history, the “Oregon Trail.”

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