These Halloween Decorations on Twitter Perfectly Sum Up 2020

published Oct 27, 2020
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Credit: Shutterstock/Micha Weber

It goes without saying that 2020 has served up far more tricks than treats, even well before spooky season officially began. Thankfully, plenty of creative DIY decorators are finding funny ways to encapsulate all the madness that this year has given by way of their unique Halloween decorations.

From Zoom-inspired pumpkin carvings to skeletons experiencing the perils of working from home full-time, we rounded up the tweets that truly reflect how we’re feeling about this year. There’s even one of a skeleton throwing a 2020 sign into a massive toilet, which, same.

“48 Hours” producer Judy Tygard created this skeleton Zoom display, which shows a bag of bones on a conference call with fellow bony employees. This one would be relatively easy to recreate as long as you have a table and chair and a plastic skeleton—you could then photograph your skeleton in four different poses in four different corners of your house.

There are plenty of genius replies branching off of that tweet, too. In Hoboken, NJ, a similarly hilarious remote worker can be spotted typing away on a (very old) laptop, donning a button-down and tie on top with heart-printed boxers and socks on bottom, with a skeleton dog nearby just out of frame.

One family created an elaborate “remote learning” skeleton display, featuring a full day’s worth of school schedules, makeshift iPads for each kid, and a weary-eyed looking skeleton parent supervising it all.

There are plenty of COVID-19-inspired skeletons, too, including a few “frontline workers” battling off the virus with plenty of Lysol and protective gear.

Moving on from skeletons for a brief moment: this window display recreates the 2013 “this is fine” webcomic by KC Green. In it, a cartoon dog is surrounded by fire and simply smiles and says, “This is fine,” with the dog appearing in the glow of the night.

One creative pumpkin carver created an elaborate “pumpkin Zoom call” in her pumpkin, capturing the various states of being upon being asked to join a Zoom call.

Of course, if you’re simply looking to toss 2020 right in the toilet, you’ll appreciate this gigantic toilet display in which a skeleton is literally flushing the year away.

And lastly, a hay and pumpkin display featuring 2020 front and center, with a sign that reads “It was the scariest thing I could think of…” which is proof that there are few better ways to get through this hellscape of a year than by a hefty dose of humor and creativity. When that fails, plenty of leftover Halloween candy).

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