The $11 Tool That Keeps My Sinks and Counters Spotless

published Mar 29, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Edmonds/Stocksy

It’s wild how quickly kitchen cleaning supplies can accumulate. One day you’re thinking I should get more dish soap, and the next thing you know, you’ve got a counter full of products you didn’t know you needed… or is that just me? A couple of weeks ago, I was at the point where I knew I needed to do a kitchen cleaner cleanout, starting with trimming down the number of items next to my sink. A pile of sponges and cleaning pads for different types of dishes? There had to be a better way! I’ve been checking out a lot of products from Umbra lately, and while browsing the site, I came across the Flex Sink Squeegee. It seemed like it might be exactly what I was looking for, so I got my hands on one and got to work.

The Flex Sink Squeegee is a flexible double-sided silicone tool with a flat end for scraping on one side and a soft brush on the other. In the past, I’ve used dish towels, sponges, and sponge cloths to tackle the sticky sauces and food scraps in my sink, but they just pile up in the laundry and trash. But the sink squeegee fits in the palm of my hand, is reusable, and lasts so much longer than towels and sponges. It’s also been noticeably more effective in cleaning up sink messes quickly. Particles get trapped in the bristles on the brush side, and the squeegee end helps to loosen stuck-on food and shovel what the brush doesn’t get into the garbage disposal. 

Once the sink is clean, I can simply toss the Flex Sink Squeegee into the dishwasher or rinse it off with soap and water, and it’s ready to use over and over again. It’s a much more sanitary solution than cleaning the sink with a towel that gets gross and dingy, and it even cuts down on the number of cleaning tools I keep on the countertop, because I use it on the plates and bowls, too! Everything that goes in my dishwasher now gets a scrape with the squeegee first — which keeps the machine in better shape and saves me money in the long run.

The Flex Sink Squeegee (also available on Amazon) is a lifesaver for getting toothpaste and hair gel gunk off of the bathroom sink, too. And the brush/scraper combo makes it a must-have for kitchen and bathroom countertops and practically any flat surface that you can clean with soap or cleaner and water. I love a good multipurpose cleaning tool, and it doesn’t get much better than this compact squeegee. I wish I’d found it sooner, but better late than never!

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