These Tweets are Proof That Anything Can be a Work-From-Home Desk If You Truly Believe

published Mar 18, 2020
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Credit: VeaVea/Stocksy

Thankfully, companies around the country are taking the spread of the coronavirus seriously and have told employees to stay home in an effort to keep the public and their fellow coworkers safe. However, for those who don’t work from home on the regular, having to set up a designated work space has posed quite the challenge. Where exactly do I set up shop? What do I use for a desk? How the heck do people do this on a daily basis? 

Needless to say, these quandaries have produced some hilarious results. And lucky for us, work-from-home newbies are sharing their ramshackle workspaces on Twitter, according to House Beautiful.

On March 13, after sharing her own unconventional set up (a hamper and chair in the front entryway), Twitter user Jules Forrest asked her followers to start a “WFH workspace setup thread, unglamorous edition.” And man, oh man, did people pull through.

First thing is first—what the heck are you going to use as a desk? Literally anything with a flat surface will do.

Then again, they’re called laptops for a reason.

This is funny, but also painful to look at. Toilet paper envy is real.

And how can you mirror your prized and professional ergonomic setup that you have in your office? Easy. Puzzles.

And those who are all about the standing-desk life needed to get even more creative. Ironing board and books, anyone?

The wine is a nice touch.

Or, put your laptop on top of a printer, enjoy the view, and be glad you’re not currently on one of said cruise ships.

Get creative with the stacking, balancing, etc.

Guys, seriously. It’s too much to bear.

And when push comes to shove…you might as well stay in bed.

If you are currently working at a less-than-ideal desk, please share. You’re definitely not alone, and hopefully with a few laughs, we can all make it through the work-from-home struggle together.