This is the Affordable, Renter-Friendly Way to Get Heated Floors

published Jan 5, 2024
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Credit: Erin Derby

I’m always scouring the internet for home products that are not only useful but also unique and innovative. (It comes with the job territory.) But even so, it’s not often that I stumble across something I’ve never seen anything like before; usually, there are at least a few similar versions of the same thing that I’ve come across. Recently, however, I found an item that I had no idea was an option, but now that I know it exists, I need to get my hands on it immediately.

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I’ve never considered that there was such a thing as “an electric blanket for your floor,” but cold weather gear brand Cozy Winters is offering just that. That’s right: You can get heated floors for only a few hundred dollars, and their under-rug heated pad is entirely invisible and renter-friendly, too. If you’re just as intrigued as I was, let me give you all the details on why you need to snag this ingenious item for the chilly months ahead.

What is the Portable Electric Radiant Floor Heating for Under Area Rugs?

Installing traditional heated floors will cost you at least a grand per room, if not several thousand dollars more, and needless to say, it’s completely out of the question if you’re renting. But Cozy Winters’ version only comes out to only a fraction of the price and its renter-friendly installation will save you a ton of time and effort. Their RugHeat pad is essentially a space heater that takes up zero space, sliding right under a rug.

You won’t even notice it’s there based on the feel — it’s only 1.3 millimeters thick — but the impact it’ll have on your room in the winter is far from small. After plugging the 8-foot cord into an outlet, the surface temperature will warm up to 75 to 80 degrees on average, but it’ll adjust to the room’s temperature. No more dealing with the discomfort of chilly floors, whether you decide to place it under your desk office, next to your bed, or even under your pet’s bed. 

The RugHeat pad will even help you cut down your electric bill, since it costs “pennies a day to operate.” Most importantly, though, the brand (and reviewers) confirm that it’s entirely safe, regardless of what type of floors you have. (Yep, even carpet!) And, since I’m sure you’re all wondering: You can even use it in the bathroom because the material is water-proof (!).

Credit: Cozy Winters

What Cozy Winters Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.9/5

“We have an added room on our house that has a lot of windows, high ceilings, it’s on a slab, and is heated by a heat pump. So it’s cold, and even with the thermostat set at a decent temperature, still feels cold. I’m amazed at the difference that two of these make in that room. The floor feels warm (as expected), but it makes the entire room feel warmer as well. They really transform the entire room. If you’re in a similar situation, these make a huge difference.” – Jeff

“I have put this off for a few years but I finally bought the unit a couple of weeks ago. It has definitely helped with the cold floors to sit and watch tv / read / hang out. I had a heat outage earlier this week and while it didn’t keep the room toasty, it certainly helped make it tolerable. If you have drafty floors, this is worth the money.” – Mark J.

“I have had my Floor Heater for a number of weeks now. It is excellent! My home is in Maine and the parlor floor is damp and cold…a source of misery for my cats and hard on human feet. Since installing the heater I have turned down the thermostat and eliminated a portable heater. Cats are happy – humans also happy. Do not hesitate to purchase this item.” – Averil Johnson

I was already almost sold just reading the product description — my drafty bedroom is unbearable in the winter — but the dozens of stellar reviews totally convinced me. The RugHeat pad can fit under a rug as small as 2’ by 3’ (which is only $175) or as large as 5.5’ by 8’. (You can even place two next to each other if you want to go larger.) Regardless of its size, though, this incredible item will make your space that much more cozy after being out in the freezing weather all day, which makes it a more than worthwhile investment.