The $15 Amazon Find That Finally Decluttered My Kitchen Drawers and Countertop

published Jun 22, 2024
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Credit: Minette Hand

When I took a housesitting gig in the Caribbean and put everything I owned into storage, I thought that I’d be back and unpacking it all into a new space in just a few months. Well, my adventure took a bit longer than expected, and five years later (oops… ), I finally got rid of the storage unit this past fall and rediscovered all of my “stuff” — especially the multitude of kitchen tools I’d been missing these past years. My Kitchen-Aid stand mixer! My Le Creuset Dutch oven! And lots and lots (and lots!) of utensils, from my favorite easy-grip whisk to the microplane I bought for myself at Zabar’s one day when I was feeling fancy.

But now I was tasked with a dilemma: figuring out how to fit all of my new/old finds in my downsized kitchen. At first, I tried putting it all in my drawers, but when they wouldn’t close, I was left with a big pile of leftover utensils. I knew that wasn’t going to work. Next, I repurposed an old vase, set it by the stove, and filled it with spoons, spatulas, and the like, but that didn’t do the job, either; I was always shoving everything in to try to get it to fit, and I could barely even see what I had. Plus, the makeshift crock itself took up more counter space than I was willing to spare. I turned to Amazon for a solution and found something that was not just affordable, but incredibly smart and user-friendly: Aosome’s Under-Cabinet Utensil Hangers. Spoiler alert: I could not be happier with my purchase. Here’s why.

Right off the bat, I was impressed with how ridiculously easy these hooks were to install. Just peel the back off of the mounting sticker, stick it to the bottom of the cabinet, and slide on the “claw” of hooks. No drilling, no hardware, no mess. Each box of two six-hook claws comes with six stickers, so you can move these handy gadgets around your space as you need to. I ordered two boxes — 24 hooks! — and affixed the claws under the cabinet where I keep my dishes. As I sifted through my beloved utensils, I grabbed anything that had a hole for hanging (nearly everything does… ) and hung it up. Then, with hooks to spare, I pulled my measuring spoons and cups out of their drawer and hung them up, too.

Credit: Amy Gordon

When I stepped back to admire my work, I was an instant fan. My counter was clear of all the clutter, and every utensil had its designated place. (Plus, everything just looks cool displayed in an unexpected way, don’t you think?) And I haven’t even told you the best part yet: The claw spins! That’s right, you can turn it merry-go-round style, giving you easy access to everything you need to make cooking seamless and hassle-free. Whether I am baking, cooking, or prepping, I can actually see all of the tools I have to work with and grab them with no delays or hassles.

No matter what is cluttering up your cooking space (mugs in the kitchen? loofahs in the bathroom? ties in the closet?), as long as you can hang it, Aosome’s Under-Cabinet Utensil Holder can help you organize it. My fancy microplane and I give it a rave review.