8 Unexpected Spots to Put Candles for Maximum Coziness

published Nov 25, 2022
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Credit: Cathy Pyle

As temperatures dip and seasonal decor begins to make its way out of the storage bin, it’s the perfect time to amp up the cozy factor and add some more candles to your spaces. This year, ditch the tried-and-true coffee table and nightstand placements in favor of some more inventive arrangements, recommended by interior designers below. Of course, with any of these, make sure the candle is in a safe, well-ventilated space before striking a match. 

In a Fireplace

Use this space to add warmth to a nonoperational hearth. Jeanne Chung, owner of Cozy Stylish Chic in Pasadena, California, suggests adding a group of candles here in different sizes and heights, as well as “big, chunky candles that have multiple wicks.” 

On an Entryway Console

Chung says this spot is especially good for when you have guests over, “just to give that ambiance and set the tone for the home when people are walking in.” She cautions that it’s best to opt for an understated scent here. “Sometimes it can get a little bit strong,” she says. 

Under a Piece of Art 

This placement will work anywhere you have a wall hanging you’d like to cast a warm glow upon, but Carmit Oron, owner of Carmit Oron Interior Design in Sunnyvale, California, says she’s tapped this idea specifically for the dining room. “It definitely gives that extra coziness,” she says.  

By the Stovetop 

This is a spot Oron uses in her own home. “I have a floating shelf next to the cooktop, so I place it there,” she says. Then, she lights the candles when she cooks. 

By the Kitchen Sink

Chung recommends this placement “so that when you’re washing dishes and cleaning up, you don’t feel alone,” she says. “It’s more relaxing.”

In Front of a Bathroom Mirror

This is another cozy spot Chung says is especially effective when you have company. “When you’re entertaining and people go into the powder room, that’s the one room in the home where when your guests are over, they’re in that room alone,” she says. “An added candle in there in front of a mirror and that reflectiveness of that flame creates nice ambiance.” 

Above the Toilet

If you’ve got shelving here, it’s another great place to add candles, according to Chung. “I’ll put smaller groupings [of candles] there, along with little towels and things like that,” she says.

On a Stack of Books

Oron suggests this spot for adding a bit of coziness to a home office. “I don’t want to stack too many things on a desk,” she advises. “But if I have shelves, then that’s the place.”