Unexpected Places to Put Motion-Sensor Lights Indoors

updated May 7, 2019
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In a really complicated survey (using a little technique we like to call “walking down our street”), we’ve discovered that the most common place people put motion-sensing lights to use is outside, near their entryway. Lighting the walk to your door without wasting any energy is a great use for turn-on-when-you-get-close lighting, but we have a few other places inside your home that could get in motion with motion-detecting lighting.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

They’re not just for outside anymore. Motion sensor lights can earn their keep indoors, too. Put them to good use any place that doesn’t get a ton of traffic (In a high-use room, like the kitchen, you’ll just end up burning through bulbs like candy).

We’ve got a few suggestions for places to put an indoor motion-sensing light, so say goodbye to spilled drinks and stubbed toes:

  • Right where you walk in. Plug your landing strip lamp into a motion-sensor outlet plug and you’ll be greeted with light as soon as you walk in your place. No more fumbling for the light switch.
  • Inside your closet. You’ll be happy to have light on while you’re getting dressed, and relaxed to know that you didn’t accidentally forget to turn the closet light off while you’re at work.
  • In the laundry room. You won’t want to reach for a light switch while you’re juggling baskets of dirty socks.
  • In the basement. Enjoy the convenience of instant light to brighten your walk down into your storage dungeon.
  • In the attic. Don’t worry about bringing a flashlight next time you go looking for your college yearbook. Get a battery-powered motion-sensor light up there to light your way.
  • Lesser-used guest bathrooms. Have an upstairs bathroom that’s only used when company comes over? Install a motion sensor light to make sure no lights get left on to hike up your power bill.

(Images: flickr member japharl licensed for use under Creative Commons, flickr member [ Tam Nguyen Photography ] licensed for use under Creative Commons)