These New-to-Me Upcycled Coconut Candles Put My Store-Bought Favorites to Shame

updated Apr 29, 2021
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If you’re like me, then you have definitely taken a trip (or five) to Target just to stress-sniff your way through the candle aisle. Candles are kind of like books in the sense that you can never have too many; sometimes you buy them just because they’re cute, and you’ve probably started a new candle before even finishing your last one at least once or twice. Whether you’re looking to gift a great candle for Mother’s Day or just want to add to your personal candle collection — no judgment here if you fall into the latter category! — you seriously have to try Backyard Candles‘ coconut candle collection.

For me, a strong scent is the most important quality of a great candle, and style is a close second. Shopping for sustainable items on a budget can be challenging but still rewarding (hello, trying to save the planet over here!), so I was very excited to discover this new-to-me brand. Each candle is handmade, using upcycled coconut shells (that otherwise would have been discarded) as vessels. The soy-coconut wax blend is hand-poured in small batches in New England, and while burning, these candles throw yummy scents like Caribbean Teakwood, Smoke & Honey, Brownie Batter, and Coffee & Cream, my personal favorite.

As far as performance goes, I’d have to say, the smell of my favorite Target candle doesn’t fill the room as quickly as one of these guys does. I’m all about aesthetics, too, and the natural, earthy finish of these coconut vessels easily fits in with the other warm-toned decor around my home. They come in four sizes — a 4-ounce shell, 6-ounce shell, a 7-ounce double wick shell, and even a 12-ounce cup — and even the biggest won’t set you back more than $25.

Sometimes unique and homemade items are much more special than something you could grab off the shelf, and that’s another reason why I love these candles. Each has a different shape and texture, and unwrapping one feels super personal, as it includes a hand-written notes about its scent. Lighting one of these cute shell candles feels like a little treat to myself, too, and has completely upgraded my “Self-Care Sunday” game. I definitely know what my mom and grandma are getting for Mother’s Day!