Valspar’s 2023 Colors of the Year Will Evoke Positive Emotions

published Aug 7, 2022
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Credit: Valspar

It’s that time once again! Some of our favorite brands are announcing their colors of the year for 2023, and for Valspar, that means a whole bunch of shades to choose from.

The brand has announced 12 trend-worthy and forward-thinking shades that evoke comfort, safety and joy, ideal for any room of the home.

Valspar’s color experts have matched each hue to a specific facet or emotion of life, all relating to what people may find helpful to complement their space. During the last two and a half years, we’ve been spending more time in our homes than ever before, so bringing in positive emotions through decor is a big focus.

According to the brand, homeowners are prioritizing areas of the home with paint to update their well-used spaces. By turning to nature-inspired design, this year’s collection is all about finding new comfort, embracing a flexible lifestyle, rediscovering joy, and leaning into the growing DIY movement that was sparked throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns.

“Valspar’s 2023 Colors of the Year are usable shades that encourage self-expression and anyone can envision in their space,” said Sue Kim, Valspar Color Marketing Manager, in a press release. “With our 12 colors to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a color that is picture-perfect for you!”

Check out the colors and their descriptors below.

Credit: Valspar

Cozy White – 
Comfort – A comfortable white with a yellow undertone that makes a space cozy like a soft blanket.

Lowe’s: 3008 –10C Cozy White

Independent Retailer: V168 Nice and Easy

Credit: Valspar

Villa Grey – Mindful – A cool grey that is balanced by the warmth of the yellow undertone, a natural hue like a cotton muslin cloth.

Lowe’s: 6005-1B Villa Grey

Independent Retailer: V135-2 Soft Pelican

Credit: Valspar

  Rising Tide – Health – A light blue that has a dose of softness, used as a fresh neutral with uplifting qualities of a modern pastel.

Lowe’s: 4008-3A Rising Tide

Independent Retailer: V139-1 Sunday Sky

Credit: Valspar

Gentle Violet – Connection – A white softened by a violet undertone, a harmonious shade promoted by digital connectivity.

Lowe’s: 4002-3A Gentle Violet

Independent Retailer: V126-1 Orchid Blush

Credit: Valspar

Holmes Cream – Joy – A classic tan that is dependable, with a yellow undertone that gives it new life with uplifting qualities.

Lowe’s: 3004-10B Holmes Cream

Independent Retailer: V088-2 Silken Stockings

Credit: Valspar
  • Ivory Brown – Natural – A washed brown tone inspired by the shades found in nature, a new warm neutral being incorporated inside and out the home.

 Lowe’s: 6006-1C Ivory Brown

Independent Retailer: V135-4 Oyster Shoal

Credit: Valspar

Blue Arrow – Balance – A cooled down blue with a slight yellow undertone, a beautiful shade to find balance between cool and warm shades in the home.

Lowe’s: 5001-3C Blue Arrow

Independent Retailer: V139-3 Lagoon Reflection

Credit: Valspar

Green Trellis – Calm – Tapping into the calming tones of nature, this hazy green has duality – bringing in the calm and liveliness we seek from outdoors.

Lowe’s: 5006-3C Green Trellis

Independent Retailer: V097-3 Stormy Day

Credit: Valspar

Desert Carnation  Inspired –Faded natural terracotta that leaves us inspired to craft a home with individuality and warmth. 

Lowe’s: 2005-7C Desert Carnation

Independent Retailer: V085-3 Maple Tan

Credit: Valspar

Southern Road – Contentment – A muted clay with a brown undertone, embracing the life of contentment we seek in living with what we have.

Lowe’s: 1006-9C Southern Road

Independent Retailer: V081-5 Aged Bourbon

Credit: Valspar

Flora – Thoughtful – A deep blackened olive, a new neutral being introduced into the home that embodies charm and sophistication.

Lowe’s: 5004-2C Flora

Independent Retailer: V143-6 Japanese Seaweed

Credit: Valspar

Everglade Deck – Restored – A deep midnight blue, used as an elegant calming shade to restore our mind, body, and home.

Lowe’s: 5011-3 Everglade Deck

Independent Retailer: V138-6 Cadet Song