8 Surprisingly Chic Finds From The Home Catalog I’m Almost Embarrassed to Say I Adore

published Aug 27, 2020
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For years I’ve worked to make sure that no catalogs arrive at my house. In my quest to live a closer-to-zero-waste life, I have diligently called the customer service numbers on every catalog that arrives and asked to be removed from the mailing list. I’ve also added my name to all the “do not mail” lists like the one at DMAChoice.org. So when I do get my hands on a catalog, it actually feels kind of a treat.

There is one catalog that I’m especially embarrassed to admit I love, though. When I visit my parents, who seem to receive a never-ending stream of catalogs, the one I always, always for first is one you might not have even heard of—it’s The Vermont Country Store catalog.

Credit: Laura Fenton

The Vermont Country Store is a brick and mortar shop in Weston, Vermont. Purportedly the first restored rural general store in the country, the catalog is not an offshoot of the retail operation, as you might suspect, but rather, it’s its precursor. Vrest and Mildred Orton, the original owners, started out with a catalog business in 1945, and a year later, the couple was able to buy the building that the store sits within using their profits. The Vermont Country Store is still owned by the fourth and fifth generations of the Orton family today and continues to sell “practical and hard-to-find” goods.

You’ll have to flip through dozens of pages of old fashioned dresses and nightgowns to get to the homewares, and you’ll have to look past the somewhat dated photo styling. Once you do, however, you’ll find some surprisingly stylish home offerings. These eight favorite pieces just might make the case for getting this catalog delivered right to your door. 

Country Garden Cotton Percale Sheet Set

The number of styles of old school cotton percale sheets in stock is reason enough to love The Vermont Country Store. This material is harder to find these days, as most people prefer sateens and cotton-poly blends. I’ve got my eyes on the Country Garden pattern for its Liberty-esque print, but if you’re open to checks and solids, you can buy your sheets open stock for more flexibility and savings.

Buy: Country Garden Portuguese Cotton Percale Sheet Set, From $99.95 for a Twin Set of Sheets

Mosser Glass Cake Pedestal

You might trick friends into thinking this cake stand is a vintage find. That’s because the glass is poured on antique molds in old school hues. It’s the kind of piece that’s pretty enough to leave out on your counter.

Buy: Mosser Glass Cake Pedestal, Starting at $59.95

Mosser Glass Mixing Bowls

Falling squarely in the practical category but also so pretty is this classic set of mixing bowls that comes in four colorways: Milk glass, jadeite, pink, and blue. Jadeite tabletop accents are always lovely in farmhouse style kitchens, but they can work in more modern spaces, too.

Buy: Mosser Glass Mixing Bowls, Starting at $69.95/Set of 3

Stainless Steel Cube Tray

When I’m finally ready to upgrade from my cheesy plastic ice trays, I’m definitely going for these classic stainless trays. In addition to being easier on the eyes and less prone to cracking, fans say the sturdy stainless material actually prevents the unpleasant “freezer” taste that cubes can take on in plastic.

Buy: Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray, $22.95

Ticking Stripe Rod Pocket Tiers

Café curtains fall into the “hard to find” category, which is a shame because they’re just the right thing to give you a little bit of privacy while still letting daylight stream in overheard. Try some in a kitchen or a bathroom.

Buy: Ticking Stripe Rod Pocket Tiers, Starting at $34.95

Cotton Duck Shower Curtain

A good shower curtain is also hard to find: These cotton duck ones are timeless and tough. The catalog copy claims you can get rid of that annoying plastic liner because the fabric is thick enough to keep the water in without one!

Buy: Cotton Duck Shower Curtains, Starting at $49.95

French Picardie Tumbler Glasses

A forever favorite in my home, these iconic French tumblers are practically indestructible. Use them for everything from orange juice to white wine to water. They’re available in four different sizes.

Buy: French Picardie Tumbler 6-Glass Set, Starting at $24.95/Set of 6

Splatterware Enamelware 8-Quart Bowl

Splatter patterned enamelware in more muted tones has had its moment recently, thanks to the Danish home brand Hay. An oversized bowl in a blue-and-white splatter colorway, however, will always be a classic for serving snacks or even prepping meals.

Buy: Splatterware Enamelware 8-Quart Bowl, $34.95