A Gorgeous Green Paint Is Rejuvenating in This Vibrant Vienna Rental

published Jul 9, 2024

A Gorgeous Green Paint Is Rejuvenating in This Vibrant Vienna Rental

published Jul 9, 2024
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“As a single woman in my 30s with a passion for color, I crave a vibrant haven,” begins Nataleigh OConnell, who has been renting this 580-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment in Vienna, Austria, for six months. “Nestled in a quiet courtyard off a bustling Vienna street, my apartment offers the perfect blend. Bathed in the warm Viennese afternoon sun, especially during summer, the space isn’t vast, but I’ve maximized its potential. Every piece is chosen for practicality and use. While I love a tidy space, my creative streak sometimes leads to joyful messes. So, I’ve found clever ways that keep everything functional and readily available.”

Credit: Nataleigh OConnell
"The living and dining area serves as the heart of my apartment, drawing me in with its vibrant color scheme. I gravitated towards the green initially for its aesthetic appeal, but later discovered its association with peace and rejuvenation. Interestingly, I find this association to hold true in my own experience, as the space fosters a sense of tranquility," Nataleigh writes.

“In the living-dining area, I tackled the lack of color by painting two opposing walls a vibrant green, ensuring it wouldn’t feel overwhelming in winter,” Nataleigh describes. “An unexpected gem emerged when I repurposed an old IKEA desk into a bright pink side table, a stunning contrast against the green. Limited storage led me to upcycle a vintage wooden trunk (scored online for €40!) with a Louis Vuitton-inspired paint job that perfectly complements the blue and orange designer boxes on my bookshelf.”

Credit: Nataleigh OConnell
"Frequent moves have instilled in me the importance of mindful living. I believe in evaluating possessions and ensuring they serve a purpose. If something hasn't been used in two years, it's time for it to find a new home, either through selling or gifting. This approach keeps my space functional and reflects my commitment to using what I own," Nataleigh writes.

“My apartment embodies a curated aesthetic that reflects my diverse interests. Sunny yellow tones, a color I find particularly uplifting, serve as a unifying thread throughout the space,” she continues, describing how she applies her love of color in her home. “As a dedicated art enthusiast, I’ve meticulously chosen pieces that resonate with me. Among these are works by William Wegman, a collection featuring over 27 Weimaraner dogs that adds a touch of playfulness.”


Credit: Nataleigh OConnell
"The entryway received a charming makeover with self-adhesive bird-themed wallpaper adorning a piece of furniture and beautiful bird hooks found during my time in England," she describes.


  • Poof — Kare
  • Wardrobe — IKEA
  • Wallpaper — Temu
  • Bird Hooks and Monkey Lamp — Oliver Bonas (Discontinued)
  • Table — West Elm
Credit: Nataleigh OConnell
"The dining area extends the playful color scheme with pops of sunshine yellow in the chairs and a calming blue in the curtains. A unique touch comes from the chairs at the head of the table, each with a slightly different design. Completing the space is a beautifully appointed bar cart, adding a touch of elegance and functionality. The result is a space that is both inviting and sophisticated," Nataleigh writes.


  • Couch — IKEA
  • Bookshelves — IKEA
  • Table — IKEA
  • Yellow Chairs — West Elm
  • Bar Trolley — Swoon Editions
  • Dining Chairs — Etsy
Credit: Nataleigh OConnell
Nataleigh explains that the bedroom "blossomed with a beautiful yellow floral bird print wallpaper on one wall, adding a touch of sunshine that truly comes alive in person."


Thanks, Nataleigh!

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