Everyone’s Going to Want These 6 Vintage Items in 2022, So Start Shopping for Them Now

published Oct 15, 2021
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In the last few years, 1980’s style has come roaring back, bringing with it lots of Lucite, laminate, and Art Deco Revival vibes. Don’t get me wrong — mid-century madness is still in full swing, but some of the most coveted vintage decor out there right now bears a striking resemblance to the house on “Golden Girls.” The tricky thing is that ‘80’s decor includes a giant range of stuff (floral prints, pastels, Formica), so I talked to a few vintage dealers to find out which trends are worth pursuing. If you’re looking for new pieces, sweet dreams are made of these, and get them before they fully catch on again for the best prices.

Oversized modular sofas

Maybe it’s because many people have been spending more time at home, but everyone is after comfort right now. When it comes to sofas, big, modular pieces with Sara Swan of The Swan’s House shop in Tarrytown, New York.

Waterfall edges

“We personally cannot get enough of those curved edges on waterfall tables,” Erica Canale of New York-based Las Vibras Vintage says. You’re most likely to find them on laminate furniture like dressers, consoles or desks. Just be prepared to search a bit. “Vintage dealers basically spend hours and hours looking for gems,” Erica says. “definitely don’t be afraid to get down and dirty.”

Brass accents

This look is easy to work into an existing room because you can go big or small. Larger brass pieces like shelving units are major statement makers and look amazing styled with books and other vintage accents. If you’d rather subtly ease into the trend, you can find funky brass objects in just about any shape (I’ve seen birds, shells, and cowboy boots, to name just a few). Swan says not to be turned off by patina; a little polish can make a piece look like new or new-ish. She has one last note for shoppers. “Be sure to check an inconspicuous area to ensure your piece is solid brass and not plated,” she says. “Brass is not magnetic, so a quick magnet check can help you know whether you’ve got the real thing on your hands.” 

Credit: Vintage Show Pony

Lotus lamps

Jonny Carmack of Vintage Show Pony says glass lotus lamps have been his most sought-after item. These lamps most often have brass stems and frosted glass petals that cover the bulb. “Customers seek out accent pieces for their homes that are conversation starters, and lotus lamps do just that,” he says. 


Everything seems to look cooler when it’s made of Lucite, and this includes tables, candlesticks, and umbrella holders. Swan notes there are specific brands to look for if this is your clear favorite (get it?). “When shopping for collectible Lucite, look for names such as Dorothy Thorpe, Charles Hollis Jones, or Hill Manufacturing,” she says. “Check the undersides of pieces for tags/signatures.” You can also look for clear acrylic, too, which isn’t quite as heavy or expensive on the whole but definitely has a similar, small space-friendly look.

Decorative Mirrors

Seashell-shaped mirrors or hexagonal ones etched with florals? So hot right now! These mirrors serve more as wall art than for practical use, but you can find  them in just about any shape you can imagine. A quick scroll through Instagram, and you’ll spot ones in the shape of women, seashells, lotus leaves, and more.