This Simple Decor Decision Can Help You Maximize The Light In Your Bedroom

published Apr 14, 2022
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Whether you live in a small space or a space that is seriously low on natural light, mirrors can be a handy decorating tool. Both functional and stylish, a mirror is more than just a place to check your reflection — and there’s one place you should definitely consider adding a mirror that may surprise you.

Vanessa Mbonu lives in a 1,500-square-foot townhouse in Laurel, Maryland, that she’s owned for about nine months. Mbonu says she considers her personal style to be a mix of refined maximalism and eclectic chic. So, when it came time to decorate her space, she styled her home in the same way she styles her clothes. “I like to tell a story through design, color, and texture,” Mbonu says in her House Call. “I have a very eclectic personality, so it makes sense that my home is a reflection of that.”

Of all the spaces in her home, Mbonu says her bedroom is definitely her favorite. “It’s where I start and end my day, and it’s also the least chaotic,” she says. Particularly, Mbonu loves how much light the room gets, and she chose a clever way to make the most of it — an oversized mirror.

Typically, you see mirrors leaning against a wall in the corner, or mounted above a dresser, but not above the bed. Mbonu positioned her gold-framed mirror right above her bed, in the same place a headboard often sits. This unconventional positioning works for a few reasons. One, it’s mounted higher than a typical headboard so there’s little risk of hitting her head against it while she sleeps. Another major reason this makes sense is that the mirror is mounted across from the window, so it reflects a lot of the natural light flowing into the room.

“I was intentional about keeping it as minimal as I could so I can actually let my soul just be in there,” Mbonu says of her bedroom. Adding a mirror in this particular spot helps circulate more light, creates the illusion of a bigger room, and serves as a unique focal point for the room. If you’re on the hunt for a new headboard, a mirror may work!