This Is the Most Thoughtful Gift You Could Possibly Give to Your Wine-Loving Friend

published Nov 19, 2021
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wine flowing out upwards of a coupe glass
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

Can’t think of what to get your wine-loving best friend who already has so many vino-related goodies? Buying gifts for wine and beer lovers might seem easy, but it can be hard when they already have everything they need at home, like fancy wine glasses, a handy wine opener (we tested out the best picks in case you need to know!), or a sleek wine rack. We thought we’d seen it all until we laid our eyes on this VoChill Wine Glass Chiller that we’re positive your BFF doesn’t have yet! 

Even if you don’t know much about wine, you know that the temperature at which it is served is critical to its taste. That’s why Austin-based brand VoChill designed this unique wine glass cradle to keep white wine, sparkling wine, and ros​​é chilled, just how it’s meant to be served. It’s also great for red wine drinkers because it can cool down a room temperature glass to enhance its flavor. 

This cool gadget actually consists of two parts: the “Chill Cradle” and the stand. All you have to do is pop the cradle into the freezer for a few hours before enjoying a glass of wine. Then take it out, attach it to the stand, and rest your glass in its frosty shell. It’s designed to maintain your chilled glass for 90 minutes indoors or just under an hour outdoors in the shade — plenty of time to enjoy a leisurely pour after a long workday!

While this glass chiller is ideal for just about any wine enthusiast, it’s especially useful for anyone you know who tends to put ice cubes in their glass because they love to keep it cold. With this thoughtful gift, they’ll never have to sip a watered-down glass again.

Confession: When I first saw the chiller, the first place I envisioned using it was the bath. When I really want to pamper myself in relaxation, this handy tool is sure to keep my wine cool for a bit despite the steam that usually ups its temperature. Or if you prefer to savor your wine while you watch a movie, you can put this chiller on the coffee table and avoid getting up to top off the glass with colder wine every so often. However you (or your giftee) choose to use it, we’re sure it’ll be a hit this holiday season… especially when you pair it with a set of wine glasses or one of our favorite wine advent calendars. Cheers!

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