Volkswagen Developed an Office Chair That Has a Backup Camera, Headlights, and a Top Speed of 10 MPH

published Dec 2, 2022
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In an effort to give office workers the experience of driving a Volkswagen commercial vehicle while in their office space, Volkswagen Norway’s Commercial Vehicles department designed and created a drivable office chair that can reach a speed of 10 miles per hour. 

Complete with headlights, a backup camera display, a tow hitch, and even a seat belt, this prototype truly has all the bells and whistles (well, horns). It’s more a cross between an electric scooter and a mobility chair than something you’d find behind a standard office desk.

“You can drive, honk, and listen to music — even signal as you take a turn into a meeting room,” the Volkswagen told Dezeen.

The office chair can be charged using a detachable battery that can carry the chair just over seven miles on a single charge. 

And instead of a steering wheel, the chair is controlled by two foot pedals that users can press to change direction. A touch screen panel on the armrest allows you to view the backup camera, which comes in handy when trying to sneak out of an awkward break room conversation.

“With the headlights you can brighten even your darkest overtime evening, and if an office party suddenly breaks out, you’ll quickly be the center of attention and create a very, very cool vibe with the chair’s office party lights,” Volkswagen continued.

Sadly, the drivable office chair won’t be going into mass production any time soon. But the prototype will be making appearances at events around Norway where attendees can take it for a spin (and listed to the chair’s pre-programmed road trip playlist while doing so).