If You’re Ready to Refresh Your Wine Display, These 9 Wall-Mounted Racks Hit Different

published Sep 30, 2022
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Credit: Room & Board

When you live in a small space, you’ve got to make the most of your storage, especially when it comes to your wine. Cabinets aren’t the only option, and sure, you can find small space-friendly wine racks out there. Wall-mounted racks though? They take things up a level, literally, and anyone who has had their kiddos or pets colliding into furniture knows what I’m talking about. 

If you want to curate and display a wine collection that doesn’t collect countertop dust or take up a sizable footprint of a floor plan, wall-mounted is the best way to go with your wine storage. Before you mount that rack though, consider a few of these best practices. Look for something that allows you to store your bottles on their sides, which can prevent early spoilage. Wine can be sensitive to light and temperature, so pick a place for storing bottles that’s out of direct sun. Try to avoid any area that shakes, too, like next to a laundry machines or a speaker, which can disturb the sediments of older bottles.

All that being said, if you’re not one to have bottles hanging around the house for very long (read: wine is for drinking — not decorating), then breaking some of these storage rules isn’t such a big deal. When wall-mounted wine racks look as good as the ones I’ve found though, you might want to keep a few bottles on hand to enjoy as wall art and a conversation pieces.

Credit: Wayfair

Case Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Rack in Black

With its sleek black finish, this metal rack is minimal and elegant; bottles appear to be floating when stacked up on it. Need more than nine bottle perches? Order two or three and hang them as a grouping above your bar area or a console table.

Oak Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Holder

Comprised of oak, a timeless, earthy texture that softens the harshness of glass bottles nicely, this simple but elegant wall rack uses a keyhole mounting system and includes the hardware you need to install it. Because each piece is handmade in Florida, you can customize the size and storage capacity of your rack by working directly with the Etsy seller.

Buy: Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Holder & Display Vertical, Starts at $133.99 from Etsy

Credit: Pottery Barn

Decorative French Wine Bottle Wall Rack

Some wine bottles are too beautiful or sentimental to be thrown away, even after consumed. That’s where Pottery Barn’s vintage-look, mango wood wine rack comes in. Designed for empty bottles only, this splurge-worthy piece doubles as a great canvas to embellish with all-season decor: holiday baubles in winter, air plants in spring, wildflowers in summer — you get the idea. If you’re the kind of wine drinker that chooses vintages for their beautiful labels, then this wine rack is the solution to keeping that bottle art around in an elegant way.

Buy: Decorative French Wine Bottle Wall Rack, $249.00 from Pottery Barn

Credit: Room & Board

Covent Steel Wine Rack

Crafted in Minnesota by a family-run metal workshop, this all-steel rack is sturdy and industrial in style, making it a great option for a modern or more contemporary home. Choose from a white or glossy black finish, or stick with silver or a natural steel finish.

Buy: Covent Wine Holder, $99.00 from Room & Board

Thea Wall Mounted Wine Rack

This geometric Art Deco-style wine rack from Anthropologie catches the eye in a glamorous way. Put this on a wall paired with softer textures, like wood shelves and plants, and it’ll shine. You’ll need to purchase your own mounting hardware, but reviewers rave about this rack’s practicality and style.

Buy: Thea Wall Mounted Wine Rack, $98.00 from Anthropologie

Credit: West Elm

Hoxton 6-bottle Wine Rack

With its rubber wood frame that puts the focus on your lovely labels, the Hoxton Wine Rack from West Elm is already gallery wall ready. The frame mounts like a floating shelf, and mounting hardware is included. Since it only holds six bottles, this wall rack is perfect for a small but special wine collection.

Buy: Hoxton 6-Bottle Wine Rack, $238.00 from West Elm

Credit: West Elm

Formr TIPsy Wine Rack

Mid-century modern enthusiasts will gravitate toward this sleek, staircase-like, wood and brass-finished wine rack from West Elm and Formr. Yes, it’s a total spurge, but you can really treat it as a show-stopping sculpture for your walls — even when it’s not holding any bottles! The design comes in colors like mint, blush, and a very ’70s chartreuse, and because of those colors and its luxe detailing, you’d never know it was made partially of construction debris! Choose from two different sizes that hold six or 12 bottles. Formr also employs and supports the formerly incarcerated, so that’s something to toast to as well.

Buy: Formr TIPsy Wine Rack, Starts at $369.00 from West Elm

Credit: Amazon

Floating Zig-Zag Wall Wine Rack

This angular, budget-friendly wall rack is made of wood and available in six different finishes. Buy one rack and store six bottles, or buy a pack of three racks to line up in a row for an almost art-like installation. Pair the sharp angles with rounded furniture, and a painted arch to soften the look and make your room feel playful. This wine rack arrives fully assembled with mounting hardware included.

Buy: Charmont Wood Wall Mounted Wine Rack, $45.54 at Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Rustic State Sonoma Wood Wine Rack

Simple, rustic, and super-affordable, this four bottle rack — crafted from sustainable timber — comes from a small business sold through Amazon. You’ll have to do some assembly, but the lightweight but sturdy, farmhouse style structure isn’t complicated. Reviewers have noted that rubbing down this rack with lemon oil or a wood oil gives it nice patina.